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Columbia Cemetery, Boulder, CO

Also prominent in Colorado cemeteries thus far are Freemason/Eastern Star, Grange, and Oddfellows stones. There’s a Freemason hall and Oddfellows hall on Main Street in Longmont; welcome to agrarian Americana. 50 more words


Ryssby Church Cemetery, Longmont, Colorado

All right! First cemetery spelunking of 2015 was unplanned. Your intrepid cemetery spelunker and hir partner TC were on the way to Boulder to check out other cemeteries, dodging cyclists riding in the road, and we spotted… 81 more words


"I cannot explain it but I wept"

Even the gravedigger must weep at times. The same goes for funeral directors, pastors, doctors, etc. — anyone in a profession that deals with death. For the most part, these workers keep their composure, but that is next to impossible when dealing with the death of children, especially the deaths of 132 children in a Pakistani school in December. 155 more words


Where Her Spirit Dwells 2

Mission San Juan Bautista

San Juan Bautista, California