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Cemeteries and My quest for more information on my family's history

I’ve always found cemeteries fascinating. They’ve been around practically as long as modern humans, and even before. Even cultures with a preference for cremation, they generally have a place where they either store or spread the ashes. 388 more words


Mabon Mix 2014: First Look


I knew my theme for this year’s Mabon CD sometime around last October. I’ve always been grave-obsessed, but taking a few cemetery tours in… 599 more words

The Haunted Home

Czech Republic, Prague: Unveiling the Stories of the Jewish Ghetto

I’ve always had a thing for places with a long-dated history, it just excites me to walk through these historical buildings or areas – wondering how the people of those times looked like, what were they going through or thinking about as they walked along the same pathway as I am currently on, how and why did the various events occurred at the same place decades or even centuries ago. 871 more words