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Eric Farrior: There are Christians Where?

Eric Farrior, a one-timer commenter on here, telling us how the “church of Christ” denomination is the “right” church and everyone else is LOST.

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Happy Easter

Below is from the http://www.gospelway.com site. The real point from Gospelway is to show everybody how wrong they are for honoring Jesus’ on “Easter” Sunday. After they cite their sources, they end by saying: … 799 more words

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Musical Instruments

Is it sinful to singpraises to God while playing a piano, harp, etc.? If it is, please show me a scripture that teaches such. I have heard lots of talk, but I have yet to find someone who can quote me a scripture that shows this practice to be sinful. 532 more words

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Unity in Diversity

The problem with which we are dealing arises from lack of respect for the authority of the sacred scriptures. Nothing is clearer than the fact that we are enjoined by the written word to live in harmony with the brethren. 794 more words

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Binding Examples

Today we will continue looking at the CENI hermeneutic. Earlier we considered the first principle in that approach, explicit commands in scripture. In this post we will take on the second principle, example (aka approved precedent). 620 more words

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MKhost oficijalen registrar na .mk domeni

Pocnavme so registracija na .mk domeni. Sto znaci toa? Marnet povekje nema da registrira domeni, pa toa moze da go storite kaj nas. Registrirajte svoj .mk domen za 999 denari + 18% ddv. 37 more words


Bible Silence: Permissive or Prohibitive?

When the Bible is silent about something, is that thing permitted or prohibited?  This debate has been going on since at least the second century and differing views on it have been the cause of division among congregations of the Restoration Movement.  2,159 more words

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