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[VIDEO] Noted Constitutional Expert Eleanor Holmes Norton Schools Congress: 'You DON'T Have a Right to Know Everything’ Government Does!

OUT: Government Transparency. IN: Government Secrecy, and proud of it! Oversight is not cool, my friend. 

Washington, D.C.’s non-voting congressional Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton told her House colleagues on Friday that other branches of government do not necessarily have a right to know what the White House does in private. 351 more words


President Obama To Press: Drop Dead

Obama has attended three super PAC events in the past week. | AP Photo

The most transparent administration in history…

SAN FRANCISCO —For POLITICO.com504 more words


Sweden's Political Correctness Insanity

It seems that Julian Assange is not the only victim of Swedish Government Political Correctness. When will people understand that just because something is bad (racism) doing the opposite is not necessarily good (Not allowing an opinion on cultural or religious practices of others.) Just because right -wing neo-con -liberals are assholes, it doesn’t mean that left-wing nut-jobs are not dickheads. 104 more words

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Author Daniel Halper: The Clinton Machine's Counter-Attack Playbook Revealed

Excerpt from “My battle with the Clintons” in this week’s Politico, by author Daniel Halper:

…Of course, nearly everyone in Washington has seen the much-vaunted Clinton PR machine in action. 485 more words


The NYT: All The News Hamas Sees Fit to Print

The most influential news organization in the world is manufacturing an utterly false portrait of the battle—precisely the portrait that Hamas finds most helpful

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#ThaiCoup Junta Tightens its Grip on the Internet

The Thai junta’s methods of controlling online speech have only become stronger and more sophisticated since the May coup.

A new Citizen Lab study measuring website accessibility in Thailand from May 22 to June 26 of this year confirmed that 56 URLs had been blocked in the country. 506 more words