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FSC Congratulates UK Protestors

Free Speech Coalition applauds the efforts of Charlotte Rose, Jerry Barnett, Sex and Censorship and the coalition of free speech advocates that protested on the steps of the Parliament today. 149 more words


SPIKED: Rolling Stone's Rape Hoax Speaks to a New Hysteria on U.S. College Campuses

The Unravelling of the Rolling Stone Article is Not an Isolated Event

Sean Collins reports: For years now, academics and activists, backed by university administrators and government officials, have promoted the idea that there is a rape epidemic on US campuses, enabled by a ‘rape culture’ that pervades social life. 389 more words

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Foxes in Hen Houses: Obama's Inspectors General Cover-Up Fraud and Corruption

Under the Obama administration there are accusations of retaliation by inspectors general against whistleblowers who help to expose corruption and abuse.

The Obama’s administration’s 72 inspectors general, who are appointed to investigate wrongdoing in their respective departments such as the Department of Justice, the… 528 more words

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When Association Is Attacked.

Rapper Tiny Doo isn’t just on trial for his speech, but his associations— and that should terrify us.

Let’s make one fact clear.  Brandon Duncan, who raps under the name Tiny Doo, has not been convicted of a crime of violence. 1,195 more words



Where to begin!

Here we go, then.

First, there is nothing mystical here.
So If you are affiliated with any organized religion, now’s a good time to make an exit – fast! 370 more words


The Tyranny of Silence

by Deborah Weiss and Andrew Harrod

….Rose stated that self-censorship in Europe has worsened since the Jyllands-Posten’s publication of the cartoons. Rose was confronted with numerous anti-free speech arguments. 494 more words