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Garbage for Nature

Recycling is not the point.

Prague, Czech Republic

This forest finds itself in Prague, but it could have been in a house, or a boo\k.

Creative Writing

If Paddington Bear got Myleene Klass pregnant could he discuss abortion with his Sleuth while singing anti-terrorist songs?

A sleuth is the collective name for a group of bears.

This post is about censorship – not some weird sex scenario.

So in the past few days we’ve been treated to various forms of censorship, by a what I myself would see as all sides of the political spectrum. 586 more words

General Crap

When Petitions Demand You Give Up Your Rights

Ken White over at Popehat recently discussed the Canadian libel suit of Librarian Joe Murphy against Nina De Jesus of Canada and Lisa Rabey of the United States. 1,292 more words


FCC Plans Stealth Internet Tax Increase

Net neutrality isn’t something we want. It’s a threat to the Internet. It must die.

Some helpful links for those who don’t believe the graphic: 98 more words


Kickstarter Update, Day 4: That Time We Were 71% Funded

The amount of money raised so far for this campaign equates to over 32lbs of Canadian dollar coins (commonly known as ‘Loonies’). Since we’re talking weights and measures here, that equates to $2135 raised toward the goal of prying a rare book from the locked cases of private collectors where researchers can’t access it. 340 more words

Victorian Obscenity

Ban "Feminism"? No.

Just like I don’t want to ban “bossy”. Because I don’t believe in censorship. Though the poetic justice of feminists on the receiving end of tactics they’ve used against others is kinda funny. 41 more words