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This is self censorship

A weird thing hit me the other day when my son used some not so good word. I mean it really surprised me kind of like the way you would react to your dog speaking to you with a charming British accent. 275 more words

Rick Stacy On Demand 4.17.14

Censorship on the tennis court, Willie Nelson’s martial arts black belt, and an anti-selfie train conductor come front and center in today’s edition of Rick Stacy On Demand! 269 more words


On Political Correctness as Thought Control

Political Correctness, as a peculiar type of thought control will not disappear overnight from the political and intellectual life in postmodern America and Europe. 1,091 more words


China's Internet censorship failures and netizens' comparisons of North Korea today to Maoist China

Sina Weibo is a social networking website in China, similar to twitter. Despite China’s reputation for censoring the internet, the Chinese government seems to have trouble censoring the scores of conversations happening on Weibo. 115 more words

Judge Admonishes Expert Witness - Expert Witness Sues Blogger Who Reported On It

By Marc J. Randazza

When a New York Supreme Court Judge told Dr. Michael Katz, the medical expert for the defense in a personal injury case, that he was lying about the medical examination he conducted, Dr. 812 more words

First Amendment

The China Threat

I’m a webmaster and programmer by trade. Part of my job duties involve administration of the company’s web server. As such, I do my absolute best to block… 1,797 more words