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American Taliban Redux

My earlier blogs were significantly more concerned with foreign politics than is this one.  In fact, one of the reasons I started Jaksview3 was to escape from the vicious madness of rightwing bloggers who had targeted me to the extent that my family and I were threatened with phyisical violence for expressing views with which they disagreed.  302 more words

Military-Industrial-Media Complex

The internet is the key to our evolution.

In a society where freedom of speech seems to be a privilege rather than a right, the internet is a god send. Back in the day, you would have to watch the news or god forbid, read a newspaper or book for information. 575 more words


Who owns India?

Saw this really funny article http://www.themukt.com/2t014/07/31/google-maps-leak-secret-locations-indian-military-bases/ . This is the height of stupidity of Indian authorities.

Google wanted to better map India, so they placed a bait, they offered a cell phone who can map features on to their map, many Indians bit it not knowing that only one in million would get it. 261 more words

The Ceaseless Torment of a Vigilant Public

By Jaime Ortega and James Tracy

I was recently interviewed by Jaime Ortega of The Daily Journalist to address the topic of conspiracy theories and their impact on public discourse for the site’s forum, … 3,125 more words


Analysis: How much power will Prayuth and the military have in the new #Thailand government?

How much power will Prayuth and the military have in the new government?
by Bangkok Pundit, asiancorrespondent.comJuly 10
On July 10, Suthichai Yoon had an op-ed in The Nation entitled “General Prayuth’s dilemma: A single, dual or triple role?”. 1,324 more words


86. Cut, by Patricia McCormick


Calie doesn’t want to talk about why she cuts herself. Yet as she uses her silence to win the game against the staff at Sea Winds mental health facility (or Sick Minds as the guests call it), she can’t help being impacted by the struggles of the other girls in her group. 340 more words

Shame on you Australia

Australia-wide censorship order for corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam

This is corruption of the highest order in what is often referred to as the “Lucky Country”…..lucky if its citizens don’t find out what its leaders are doing, that is! 49 more words