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BBC News: US tech firms ask China to postpone 'intrusive' rules

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

US tech firms ask China to postpone ‘intrusive’ rulesBusiness groups have written to the Chinese government, asking it to rethink rules that would force them to hand over source code and create backdoors for officials in Beijing.


Group 1: Censorship

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The “appeal” of contemporary art today is somewhat mirrored by its ability to shock, question and provoke controversy within an international framework. 458 more words

Katherine Timpf Reverts to Her Genetic Ditziness Griping about Huckabee's Comment about Feminist Vulgarities

It is human nature which causes feminists to censor that which disturbs her feelings. The human female is born ditzy and cherishes ditziness when nothing else works to protect her emotions throughout her life. 248 more words


Absurdity v. Absurdity, or: How to Fight the Lebanese Censorship Bureau

MARCH continues to troll Lebanon’s censorship bureau with frustrating and funny results:

Authors have long turned censorship into absurd or absurdist art: Nihad Sirees’s Silence and the Roar, … 645 more words


Free Speech, French Cartoons, and One Hell of a Week.

“I think we should take it down, it’s probably going to piss some people off.”

You’re never meant to start an article with a quote, or at least thats supposedly one of the ‘rules’ of journalism. 2,449 more words


Important facts being left out of our "news stories"

Today we have multiple media outlets to inform us on daily newsworthy events. The difference is that in earlier times, people got their news through story telling. 419 more words