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Woman arrested after posting photo of George Osborne at Dominatrix's flat

(not satire – it’s the corrupt UK today!)

A woman was arrested today after posting a photograph on Twitter of chancellor George Osborne at her flat when she worked as a madame at an escort agency. 148 more words

Open Government

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I would never suggest re-posting this everywhere because that would be hugely embarrassing to George Osborne and the very last thing I want to do is hugely embarrass him. So please, don't repost this. Please don't....

July 30, 1914

by Richard van Pelt, WWI Correspondent

Capital Journal Headlines:

Italian Feeling Against Austria Becoming Intense
Compact Which Binds Germany, Austria and Italy an Unnatural One…

922 more words

Interwebbed: Top Headlines for Crypto and Cyber News

From the looks of it, today is The Day of that old Aussie/Swedish/Amero-Russian mafia: new leak from WikiLeaks strikes back at the country of their founder, Snowden digs in, The Atlantic dials the mid-90’s, cyberpriest called to Swedish prison, stand by for a Class 1 Irony Alert at the NOAA, and just exactly how much you are paying the NSA to watch you. 114 more words


Crypto Currently: Opening Prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Auroracoin

Let the nightshine in! It’s time to let Auroracoin light up our lives!

Yeah, I’ve been writing ad copy today. How can you tell?

Anyhoodle, in today’s mainstream and alt cryptocurrency roundup we’re featuring Auroracoin, a rebel Icelandic (but I repeat myself) cryptocurrency created by the mysterious  and pseudonymous Baldur Friggjar Óðinsson. 188 more words



I was writing a
poem for you
but they
arrested me
before I could finish

and are now
on their way to
arrest you
for allowing yourself… 16 more words


BBC News: Peers query 'right to be forgotten'

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

Peers query ‘right to be forgotten’

Demands for web firms to remove personal data to respect people’s “right to be forgotten” are unreasonable, peers say. 9 more words