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“Catch Me, I’m Smalling!”

Holy pins and needles, Batman! It is just insidious the way we are taught to play small! I discovered another way I was playing small as I was thinking of how to use up more of my yarn stash. 912 more words

La France, en route vers la censure d'Internet

C’est le genre d’article qu’on espérait ne jamais devoir écrire… Les députés ont voté mardi soir en commission des Lois le blocage administratif de sites faisant l’apologie du terrorisme, et ce, sans intervention de la justice. 9 more words

Kansas Judge could face censure from State Supreme Court

WICHITA, Kansas – A state judicial board finds a Sedgwick County judge has been sexually harassing female co-workers for years and now its up to the State Supreme Court to punish him. 229 more words


On offense

What is the function of taboo? Or rather: what are the functions of taboo?


There is the obvious function of stopping harm. Certain things like murder and theft are taboo as a result of them causing suffering. 410 more words

NBA Draft

I like basketball well enough. But watching the NBA draft is about as interesting as watching Imus (In The Morning) take a dump. So, I’m not going to watch a bunch of immature, predominantly literate kids become instant millionaires. 42 more words


Republican congressman: It was ‘hasty’ of local party to censure me for supporting same-sex marriage

Charlie Dent said the committee should have shown him more courtesy 0 reader comments

A Republican congressman who was censured by his own local party for backing same-sex marriage has said the action was “hastily pursued”. 245 more words


The rules of freedom of expression

is political correctness
just another weight
on the freedom of expression?
hate is not needed,
but true freedom flies
i don’t endorse hate,
but i have no right to silence their… 15 more words