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Vote for Shenna Bellows ... #Midterm2014Matters

Republican Senator Susan Collins has a dirty secret.

Collins voted to shut down the government over Obamacare. Twice. She voted against raising the minimum wage and the Paycheck Fairness Act but supports building the Keystone XL Pipeline and spying on Americans without a warrant. 328 more words

United States

Rodgers ~ Rogers ~ Roggers...etc.

No matter which way you spell it, with a “d” or without the “d”, with one “g” or two, Rodgers, Rogers, and Roggers… 557 more words

Family History

Missing Census Media

Sometimes due to Internet gliches media doesn’t download from Ancestry.com when merging census records. To check, go to the Sources tab and find a Census Source. 49 more words

Economy, schools, aging population part of Youngstown shift

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It is no secret Youngstown has been losing population.

The reasons why are in the numbers and Tim Yova with the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments has worked through them on the last several census reports. 592 more words


Employment update: the job creation meme

On the radio yesterday morning, some DJ quoted Hillary Clinton, who recently said that ‘business don’t create jobs’ or something along those lines. The statement is meant, I believe, to reflect the notion that consumers create jobs, through their demand for goods and services. 627 more words

Economic Growth

BBC News: Have Jedi created a new 'religion'?

Followers of Jediism are aiming to build a belief system that goes beyond the Star Wars films. But does it amount to a new religion? 119 more words

The Usual Suspects: US Homeownership Rate Declines To 1984 Levels (Poor Labor Market Recovery)

According to the just released US Census Bureau report, the US homeownership rate fell to 64.4%, back to 1984 levels.

The culprit? The usual suspects: inability to meet DTI requirements due to sagging wage and income growth. 29 more words