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15 tips to help find elusive ancestors on census records

Unable to find some of your ancestors on census records? Join the club. Writer, lecturer, and family historian Roy Stockdill has put together a list of 15 tips to help us find those elusive relatives.  21 more words


"Conservative Crybabies Lose Again": The Right’s Laughable New Obamacare Conspiracies, Officially Debunked

If you click through a few conservative news websites, you’ll learn all about the latest and most nefarious bit of lawless chicanery from the Obama administration as it tries to paper over the Affordable Care Act’s obvious failures. 820 more words


White House-Directed Change In Census Survey Guarantees Skewed Obamacare Data

April 16, 2014 by Ben Bullard

The Census Bureau has been directed to change the wording of questions concerning Americans’ health coverage so that it will be impossible to compare the answers with those provided by takers of the bureau’s interim annual surveys in previous years. 415 more words

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Map: Detroit's Sympathetic and Unsympathetic Ethnic Groups 1960

The city was fairly diverse in the 1960s, yet there were underlying tensions between different ethnic groups and their particular sympathies towards Detroit’s black population. In this map the Detroit Geographic and Expedition Institute (DGEI) mapped out those various relationships based on Census data.


'Don't freak out': Worried about census changes? Voxplainers to the rescue!

The Juicebox Mafia sure has their work cut out for them!

Earlier today, we were informed that the Census Bureau will be changing the upcoming census survey. 514 more words

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What America's internal migration tells us about the death of the mall, and the brand

Over the past century, there has been a shift in the American population, away from rural areas and into the cities and suburbs.

According to analysis of US census data by Piper Jaffray, people in rural areas accounted for just 16% of the population in 2010, down from 72% a century earlier, while the largest share of Americans (51%) called the suburbs home. 325 more words