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Racing Time Chapter 6


Accepting what has to happen and what needs to happen, Armand finally lays down on the recliner and passes out asleep. Waking up, he blinks his way back to sight. 969 more words


'Darling Nikki' with Centaur and Equestrienne

In 2009, in the¬†adjacent universe where I’m a dancer, choreographer and producer, Daddy and I co-produced a variety show called Peepshow Magnifico via our production company, … 167 more words


Why I don't do fanfiction

What’s fanfiction anyway? Basically it is a kind of fiction story that takes inspiration from another story or real life characters.

This is fanfiction: a story in which Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott get married at the Burrow (all of this is Harry Potter), but then Sadie Kane (from the Kane Chronicles) and One Direction get involved and cause a lot of ruckus, and then Harry Styles accidentally gets Polyjuice Potion down his throat and becomes Harry Potter. 631 more words

Racing Time Chapter 2


Nothing ever can just stay normal. It always has to get tougher and tougher. Lately, he and his crew have been keeping close eye on things. 1,802 more words


Starting Now!

As well as the short stories i continue to write for your enjoyment i will be putting up part by part of a story that comes to mind. 41 more words


Vampires, Centaurs, Jesus, Oh My! .... Faith Overpowers Myths

I wonder if something was lost in translation or if Luke chose the wrong word when he said Jesus was amazed. Here’s the story:

(Luke 7:1-10) 544 more words

Faith Wonderings