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Centaurs....it had to be Centaurs

Finished up the pile of armored centaurs I have had (for a while now mostly).  This group includes both Rapier’s centaur hoplites 6GMF007 and armored with spear and shield 6GMF008… 370 more words

Doing good III

As soon as Tuil peeked into the street, he understood the men’s reaction. He gulped. Two houses up to the left, Henry the leather worker flailed about with his arms, and it was hard to tell if he was defending himself or begging for forgiveness. 2,683 more words

20 august...

Pe 20 august 1977, o rachetă Titan IIIE/Centaur a lansat sonda Voyager 2. Aceasta a devenit prima şi singura misiune care a explorat planetele Uranus (1986) şi Neptun (1989), după ce efectuase anterior flyby-uri ale lui Jupiter şi Saturn. 55 more words


I received the results of my genetic screening yesterday and discovered I am half-centaur … who knew?

Critical Thinking

Review: The Deer Prince's Murder: Book Two of Fantasy and Forensics

‘Hello, nice to meet you, you certainly look delicious this morning. I wonder if you are chewy or crunchy’.”

 You have us four. And sometimes, you need to find a sense of family with people who are good, rather than to try and find good in one’s own family. 616 more words

Urban Fantasy

Racing Time Chapter 14


It is amazing how some people learn to cope and move on. And when Armand and his crew return to their home back into the forest, he watches as Damien gets used to his surroundings. 972 more words


Hercules - It's all about the public image


I review movies from start to the end, although I never reveal the ending. That wouldn’t be cool.


Fables and tales are very often truths wrapped in an excitement, topped with a bow of entertainment.  571 more words