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The Druids

Original Fan Art by Keith Nimmo, a map of Western Kira, possibly representing what the Druids believed Ancient Telluria resembled in the first age.  Many thanks to Keith for this wonderful picture. 143 more words


I am, Finally, Ok With Losing

  1. Centaur, Solo, Loss
  2. AA, solo, Loss
  3. Mirana, Solo, Loss
  4. Luna, Group, Win
  5. Centaur, Group, Loss,
  6. Enigma, Group, Loss
  7. Ember Spirit, Unranked, Loss (first time on Ember!)
  8. 599 more words

Centauric Consciousness and Flow

Many of us are used to inhabiting our bodies like a human riding a horse. The
rider – although ultimately at the mercy of the horse – tells the animal what to do. 499 more words


Meeting Wind's Melody (Tanka)

meeting wind’s melody –   
the rhythm of centaur hooves   
at mountain’s edge –   
glowing apparitions   
fading into evening  

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Boys und Gurls

4 games today

  1. Crystal Maiden, Group MMR Win
  2. Centaur, Group MMR Win
  3. Centaur, Group MMR Win
  4. Shadow Shaman, Group MMR Loss

Ok, so I firstly learned that I need to get Ghost Scepter wayyyy more often on supports. 341 more words


Comfy with Jakiro

4 Games today, all Group MMR

  1. Windrunner, loss
  2. Jakiro, loss
  3. Centaur, win
  4. Bristleback, loss

Lost 50 MMR, down to 3230

I guess I learned that I shouldn’t play Bristleback? 163 more words