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Bad Person

I’m a bad person.

Like, I’m kind of very okay with admitting that, because…it’s true.

I’m less okay with explaining it.

But here we go, anonymous forum on the internet! 412 more words

Magic Wednesday: The Enemy of My Enemy (Part 2 of 2)

Author’s Note: Part 2 took a turn that was a little bit…let’s just say different, than I had expected or planned. I did not end up using the supplemental cards I drew last week, therefore they will be used in next week’s Magic Wednesday story, which I will do my best to make NOT a two-parter which will get us back on a one draw-one story schedule. 976 more words


Bucket Living: Seeing a play at the theater (Social Studies - Centaur Theater)

This has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. In fact, I tried to do it years ago…but left during intermission. In all fairness, the play I had tried to see was awful… 719 more words


Metamorfoze (2)

«Pe umerii lui, în spate la ceafă, cu aripile deschise stătea un dragon; şi foc vărsa asupra celui care-i ieşea în cale. Maestrul meu a spus: ‘Ăsta e Cacus, care sub stînca muntelui Aventino a făcut adesea lacuri de sînge» (v. 697 more words


Metamorfoze (1)

Cercul al optulea, a şaptea bolgie. Hoţii. Centaurul Cacus. Şarpele-om şi omul-şarpe.

«La capătul vorbelor, hoţul şi-a ridicat ambii pumni a măscărie urlînd: ‘Na, Doamne, asta-i pentru tine!’. 1,055 more words


Lapith fighting a centaur

My latest sculpture:

This is my version of one of the metopes from the Parthenon – perhaps I’ll do a series of them!?

Lapith fighting a centaur. 34 more words