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100? That's not so bad, says treasured Windsor centenarian

As she nears her 100th birthday, Lily Lajeunesse of Windsor has outlived her four children, her eight brothers and sisters and her husband but not the love of a family treasuring its matriarch. 498 more words


Day 2: Don't Mess with Granny's Money

This is my 104 year-old grandmother, the matriarch of our family. Her name is Katie, and she was born in 1909. In about a month, she will turn 105. 275 more words


My Grandmother: 100 Years

On Friday June 26 1914, my grandmother, Margaret Thomson Barr (née McGowan) was born. In the hundred years that have gone by, she has brought alive core values that have inspired and led those around her. 611 more words

100 Years

Secret of a Long LIFE

Secret of a long life is the diet! My great grandmother is 102 years old and still healthy and walking fine! She eats variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grain. 57 more words

Happy 102 Nennie!

If you are in your late 40’s and still have your maternal grandmother around, raise your hand.  How about your paternal grandmother?  Now for the winner takes all, if you are pushing 50 and still have both grandmothers around, alive and kicking, raise both hands and take a bow because according to my poll, you are one of the few who does.  336 more words


This Norfolk centenarian just got a high school degree

NORFOLK, Va. – Lela Burden received her degree Wednesday. The centenarian lightly clapped just before she was handed her diploma.

Doumar recently celebrated her 111th birthday in May, with ice cream. 112 more words


Happy 103rd Birthday Ivan K. Hoyt!

It’s a very special day for the Hoyt and Hastings families – as Mr. Ivan K. Hoyt celebrates his 103rd birthday! Hastings would not be the company it is today had it not been for the tireless dedication and perseverance of Ivan and his late wife Florence – and today is a perfect occasion to honor that legacy. 168 more words

A.W. Hastings