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Spending on senate race soars ahead of Election Day

MICHIGAN – You simply can’t escape them, and with just two weeks left until Election Day, radio, television and even the roadways are flooded with political ads. 357 more words


New Report Highlights Flaws in Benefits System, Need for Legal Representation

Buzzfeed‘s Chris Hamby has a heartbreaking and infuriating story about Steve Day, a miner in West Virginia whose autopsy revealed severe, debilitating black lung disease, which should have allowed him to receive federal black lung benefits. 256 more words


BOOM (a comparative study in reporting)

*Note: another blog post brought you by graduate school! Too blessed to be stressed, everyone.

Take a look at two different articles on Texas’ natural gas boom, and chances are, you’ll be first be struck by the photographs. 741 more words


On the Importance of Framing

Last week my news reporting class discussed the difference sourcing and framing can make on a story. I find it doesn’t occur often to the people I know who aren’t in journalism school, but the sources, quotes and photos a journalists decides to use in a story can determine the nature of the story itself. 558 more words


Colorado Senate Ad Contrasts Family Backgrounds

DENVER (AP/CBS4) – Republican Senate candidate Rep. Cory Gardner released a new ad Wednesday contrasting his father, a tractor salesman, with that of Democrat Mark Udall, a member of a prominent Western political dynasty, triggering criticism that he was making an inappropriately personal attack in a heated race that could determine which party controls the U.S. 441 more words


Outside groups blanketing Kansas airwaves with ads

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A new study confirms what anyone watching television in Kansas recently probably knows: political ads in the hotly contested race between Republican incumbent Gov. 578 more words


Primary For Governor Lifted Ad Spending In Md.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A Democratic primary race between two well-funded candidates propelled Maryland to the sixth-highest amount of spending on political television ads in state races in the 2014 election cycle through Sept. 339 more words