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Creepy Crawlers

Nature is pretty fascinating. Dogs and cats get the majority of the press and have the best PR agents working for them. But I think weird and creepy animals outnumber cute and cuddly ones. 35 more words


Hotel Centipede

A.N. This originally began as a re-write to Ed Sheeran and Rixton’s Hotel Ceiling, but turned into something quite different…0.0



You walked out the door, never looking behind… 658 more words


Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas: A Real Life Pinball Nirvana

Ahhh pinball. The lights, the sounds, the music all set to countless movie, entertainment, sports and cartoon themes. Slipping your coin in the slot, pulling back the plunger, watching the ball cruise up the alleyway through the tunnels and up the ramps, hitting the bells, bouncing off the bumpers, falling into hidden bonus holes leading to extra bonus worlds, using your flippers to save those near misses, the frustration of TILT, the dreaded “drain” and the victory of winning a Replay! 620 more words

Weekend Adventures

There is a Centipede in South America that Eats Bats

What is the difference between a Centipede and a Millipede? Not just the number of legs as the name might suggest. There are many differences between the two, the main one being that Millipedes are scavengers and feed primarily on decaying organic matter and also eat the roots and leaves of plants, however Centipedes are a predator. 313 more words

Interesting Facts

My Heartbreak of Tokyo Ghoul

It’s tough for me to really commit to a series, I can be critical; I can find flaws with a lot of things when it comes to fiction, probably because I love it so much; so when I say that when I first saw Tokyo Ghoul and fell immediately in love, you know the impact that holds. 982 more words