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Ode to Greg: Facing fear

I have taken a vow not to kill. Intentionally, anyways. Tonight I saw a bug that is very large and referred to as a “House Centipede.” The last time I saw one, I broke my vow and took great joy in squishing it. 386 more words


The Girl in the Flower Dress

This one took some time. I’ve been using the recent cinematic Marvel Universe for Shield and Hydra while using  the classic comics for the X-Men. It’s meant to be a contrast and it works on what I know (I collected X-Men, but never really paid attention to Shield). 74 more words

Doodlehoose One


To get to our tents, we follow a gravel path. There are five tents and they are all spaced apart. Colin and Steve are close to the common-use bunker we hang out in. 533 more words

Saturday afternoons with an old-school trifecta

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had a computer. It was big computer, a beige computer, a computer that had a cassette player attached to it, which was used to access “boring” things that her parents used, like documents and spreadsheets. 1,520 more words

Video Games

Adam Sandler's Pixels - Donkey Kong, Pac-Man & others confirmed

The last Adam Sandler movie that I enjoyed was the 2009 comedy Funny People. Since then, Sandler has had more misses than hits with me. That could change (and I hope it does) with his next film  208 more words


A Movie, a Centipede, and a Police Officer

… all walk into a bar…

I know, it does seem like the beginning of a joke. In retrospect, nearly a year later, the whole thing  1,097 more words


PIXELS Logo Revealed

Adam Sandler is really something of a mixed bag. Sure his films have their moments, and depending on the volume of alcohol coursing through your veins they can either be stupidly hilarious or ridiculously pants. 316 more words