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Travelling Down the Centre of Australia

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After  four days of one night stopovers, we arrived hale and hearty in Alice Springs this afternoon. The locals here call it ‘The Alice’. 1,025 more words


Namatjira Country

Australian Aboriginal artists produce unique abstract works, usually “dot” paintings, illustrating their secret legends coyly, beautifully and mysteriously. But the first Aboriginal painter to come to the notice of Western art lovers was one who painted in the Western style – … 756 more words


The Desert in Bloom

It takes very little rain to bring the Central Australian desert into bloom. Just a few millimetres per month over the last 18 months has brought all the wildflowers open to the sun. 51 more words


Who was Standley? Naming the desert.

In Central Australia many of the places and geographical features bear the names conferred upon them by 19th century explorers. Since exploring was (and is) an expensive activity, the early explorers repaid their financial backers by naming bits and pieces of the countryside after them. 507 more words


Mt Sonder: Summit Day!

Any trek worthy of the name includes a Summit Day — towards the end of the trail, a good-sized mountain is scaled, and the triumphant summiteers look out over the country they’ve spent the last week or so hiking. 743 more words


The Mighty Finke River

Could you name the oldest river in the world, that has never changed its course? A river that doesn’t flow to the sea but, after heavy rains, floods its banks and covers up to 10,000 sq kilometres of the land? 626 more words


Ormiston Gorge: Magnificent

Ormiston Gorge and Ormiston Pound together form one of the West MacDonnell Ranges’ most popular visitors’ spots. They’ve even got a ranger station, a Visitors Centre… 898 more words