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An in Depth Look at Deleveragings - Ray Dalio - Bridgewater

This is an excellent article looking at good, bad and ugly deleveraging experiences over the last century. It is written by Ray Dalio, billionaire,  head of the World’s largest hedge fund operator, … 267 more words


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Why the Federal Reserve Failed to See the Financial Crisis of 2008: The Role of “Macroeconomics” as a Sensemaking and Cultural Frame

In this very interesting and enlightening paper by Neil Fligstein, Jonah Stuart Brundage & Michael Schultz (University of California, Berkeley), they tackle one of the puzzles about the crisis of 2008: why the regulators were so slow to recognize the impending collapse of the financial system. 303 more words


Do High European Tax Rates Create Low Capital Formation and Spawn High Borrowing Rates?

Do High European Tax Rates Create Low Capital Formation and Spawn High Borrowing Rates?

Finland and Government Payments?  by Thomas M. Cole JD

As our tour guide explained, in Finland no one has to worry about school, books or pencils until collage.  1,133 more words

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The President's dilemma*

By Rafiq Raji

‘Good morning, Mr President.’ Thabo made sure to steady his voice as he exchanged pleasantries with his boss. This morning, especially. As Chief of Staff, it was his job to broach difficult subjects with him before they became issues. 952 more words


A 400 year old economic theory explains who really runs the Indian stock market


Vivek Kaul

On September 12, 2008, the Bank of England, had total assets worth £83.8 billion on its books. In the six years since then, the total assets of the British central bank have gone up by a whopping 385.6% to £ 404.3 billion, as on September 17, 2014. 1,423 more words


The Brazilian Election and Central Bank Independence

By Carola Binder

Brazilians will head to the polls on October 5 to vote in a tight presidential race. President Dilma Rousseff’s leading challenger is Socialist Party candidate Marina Silva. 902 more words

Central Banks' Increased Influence On Foreign Nations

The world’s central banks have unquestionably had increased influence on their own economies and markets in recent years due to their unprecedented activism. However, the widespread nature of such activism has caused nations’ central banks to have increased influence on… 96 more words