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Alternative Break

The Alternative Break program is one of the most awarding programs I have been blessed to be a piece of. I was lucky enough to click on ‘Youth Advocacy’ at  7:30 am back in October of 2013. 170 more words


College isn't for everybody

I’ve only been in college for nearly two years now and I completely understand what people meant when they said, “College isn’t for everybody” because it’s not. 837 more words


Central Michigan University


Students at Central Michigan University have many advantages of attending this university. A major thing that students take advantage of are the sporting events because they are free. 6 more words

Photo Journalism

Practice Makes Perfect!

Last week the Court Captains watched a mock basketball game to learn the ropes of running a court!

Check out the pictures below!


Mt. Pleasant Gus Macker is only two weeks away! 32 more words

Brand New Me

In the words of Alicia Keys, “It took a long, long road to get here. It took a brave, brave girl to try.”

It did take a long time for me to get to the point of creating my own blog and finding the confidence and bravery within myself to share the thoughts that have been running through my head. 349 more words


A quick guide around Central Michigan University

Here is a list of a few spots that may interest incoming freshman that are attending Central Michigan University. Whether you need a place to study, a new interest to pursue, or have an ailment, use this map to help you find your way around campus.

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Central Michigan University

A Map of Central Michigan University Places I Admire

Here is a quick map I made using Google Maps of places on Central Michigan University’s campus that I admire.

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Central Michigan University