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running on empty

Picking up Daniel from school yesterday afternoon, he leans over and notices the gas gauge.

Looks like you need gas, Mom. Are you going to get gas now? 336 more words


Central Valley Culture

In Central Valley the languages most spoken are (in order) English, Spanish and Hmong. Hmong is a variation of Chinese spoken by people of Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. 404 more words

Central Valley Cali

The Wine Side Of Central Valley

There are over 107 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) including Napa, Russian River Valley, Ruhterford and Sonoma Valley. The Central Valley is the largest wine region covering about 300 miles from the Sacramento Valley south to the San Joaquin Valley. 40 more words

Central Valley Cali

San Joaquin Valley Bio-region

San Joaquin Valley Bio-region

This location is in the heart of California, it is the state’s top agricultural producing region, frequently referred to as “the nation’s salad bowl” because of its abundance of fruits and vegetables grown in it’s gloriously rich soil. 133 more words

Central Valley Cali

Main Attractions

The California Living Museum also known as CALM, a 14 acre zoo
and living musuem located on 10500 Alfred Harrell Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93306. This building has a focal point of preservation and rehabing inured or lone wildlife. 247 more words

Central Valley Cali

be warned

When you are out and about anywhere in the Central Valley and you happen to see this beautiful child,

DON’T...I repeat, DO NOT… 153 more words

Central Valley Cali

when your auntie is fairy tale royalty

Your dreams come true as she kneels down to give you the most perfect warm hug as only a Snow Queen can because she learned from the best snowman ever. 52 more words