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Softly softly feel the rain. 29/66

Waking in the clouds is a beautiful if somewhat surreal experience. 5am saw the departure for the beach shrouded in the damp folds of this fluffy environment. 514 more words

Back in Paradise, innovating and being challenged 26/66

What a Joy to be back in my favourite corner of the world (well at least for now!) There was something wonderful about waking up in my own bed and hearing the familiar sounds of birdsong before the alarm had even sounded. 555 more words

A visit, a journey and Carlos Santana 23/66

Sometimes in life our life path crosses that of another soul and we become linked by the threads within the tapestry of our lives. We go through the thick and thin of life side by side knowing that no matter how many miles are between us we are still connected. 839 more words

1000 kms, a wedding and Alicat, jamtart and Fluffy and the Cinderella dance. 17 and 18/66

That phrase “the tyranny of distance” has a new meaning in my life this week. Over the last couple of days I have driven over a 1000 Kilometres for the express purpose of attending the wedding of my nephew. 1,230 more words


Over the few weeks or so I’ve been trying to undergo a bit of a transition;

from being self-centred to becoming more centred in self.

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