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Baby Cephalopods <3

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any amigurumi…I’ve been out of ideas! I am planning to make some more in the future, but in the meantime I thought I’d post about some amis I made about a year ago, that for some reason never made it to my blog. 388 more words


Pickled Octopus

We put the crab pot out to try and catch crabs while moored in Fame Cove, Port Stephens NSW. No luck with crabs but we didn’t go away empty handed, we did get an octopus. 184 more words


The Cephalo-Pope

Friends, Cephalopods, lend me your ears…or statocysts!So, a group of my friends has long entertained the idea of this squid hat being the hat of the Cephalo-Pope.  241 more words


Octopus cyanea at the Harlow Gallery

From July 11th to August 2nd, my painting Octopus cyanea will be on display at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, Maine. It is part of the… 169 more words


it’s knit woven

I was looking at my shirts the other day and wondering why they are different. This might be common knowledge to most people, I don’t know. 290 more words


Wow, what is that!? The light show on the back of this creature that you’re seeing is real! The Cuttlefish uses hypnosis to paralyze its pray! 78 more words


My Review of Squidgirl!

For decades, mankind has taken the vast, epic ocean environment for granted. As our technology has advanced, so has the scale our pollution, with oil, garbage and toxic waste killing millions upon millions of innocent aquatic life forms. 1,568 more words