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Red Wings Fans Hurl an Octopus at Tuukka Rask

In one of sport’s oddest traditions, fans of the Detroit Red Wings throw an octopus onto the ice before the first period for good luck, and… 84 more words


Bizarre parasite may provide cuttlefish clues

University of Adelaide research into parasites of cuttlefish, squid and octopus has uncovered details of the parasites’ astonishing life cycles, and shown how they may help in investigating populations of their hosts. 440 more words


My Project

The mollusks are one of the most misunderstood phyla in the Animal Kingdom. Its true. Widely considered seafood, they are not even up on the scale of intelligence by most humans. 114 more words

Are Animals Conscious? I Dunno—Are We?

A study published by University of Lethbridge Department of Psychology professor Jennifer Mather in 2008 proposed, in summary, that “cephalopod molluscs may have a form of primary consciousness”—that they are “heavily dependent on learning in response to both visual and tactile cues,” “may have domain generality and form simple concepts” and seem “aware of their position, both within themselves and in larger space, including having a working memory of foraging areas in the recent past.” A 2013… 821 more words