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National Fossil Day in 4 Days

One of the common fossils you can find in Arkansas are cephalopods, which are all the squids, octopuses, and in terms of fossils, ammonoids. Arkansas has some very large ones. 92 more words


And now... the conclusion

Calling octopus of interplanetary craft.
Who is it, Cephy?
It’s those darn Earthlings pestering me for their cabinet.

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Is there any animal in the sea more cool than an Octopus?

An interesting question, and in my view it’s a no brainer, the answer is an emphatic no! 221 more words


facts about the desert squid

the desert squid is very rare
you’re not likely to find one’s lair
and if you do, but see a bear
you haven’t found the desert squid


Making waves: Mysteries of the Flamboyant Cuttlefish

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Cuttlefish are remarkable creatures, capable of instant colour-change and incredible camouflage, as well as clever, unique and quirky behaviours. Perhaps their most fascinating is the… 442 more words

Okeanos: Exploring the depths

The National Oceanic and Atomospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Okeanos Explorer treated us to another live stream, lighting up the depths of the Phoenix Canyon on a research dive. 320 more words

I love Cephalopods

Cephalopods…don’t you just love them?

Wait, I hear you say, what is a Cephalopod? 1,527 more words