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Random Cephalopod: Caribbean reef squid

Caribbean reef squid (Teuthida: Loliginidae: Sepioteuthis sepioidea) are often mistaken for cuttlefish because of their physical appearance. Most squid are elongated and have relatively short fins along the tips of their arrow-shaped bodies. 276 more words


Cuttlefish and starfish

Two fish that aren’t fish!

After the Ravellenics, durimg which I finished up a couple of Hansigurumi critters, I just kept knitting rather than crocheting. It happens every now and then :) So I finished two more of Hansi Singh’s patterns, both are projects that I started years ago. 213 more words


APELAND RADIO: Do Invertebrates Feel Pain? (5 minutes)

Ninety-eight percent of the species on Earth are invertebrates, yet we know shockingly little about them, and we care even less. Today we wonder: Do invertebrates feel pain? 914 more words

here come the giant squid...

sooooooo very quiet over here as usual these days.  blah blah work blah toddler blah blah.  holiday soon, maybe even photos to come!  but first, this is happening.  8 more words