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The Final Clay Update

My piece is finally baked! There are some rough spots on the figure, and there is a fair amount of discoloration from dust, but overall I am very pleased with the results. 72 more words


Hope, Peace, Love

One of my best friends grabbed this cup before it went to “market”.


A Bit Scattered

Alright, so I kind of had a rough arrival into Massachusetts, what with missing my exit, having to drive an extra hour to get back to the exit, landing in the wrong town on the wrong road, and now my phone is dead. 320 more words


Ceramics Park

When you are visiting the Yingge Ceramic Museum, don’t forget to stop by the Ceramics Park right behind the museum. To go to the park, simply pass through the Moonlight Plaza at the rear of the first floor. 702 more words


Ceramic Technique - Kick Wheel

Our visit to the Ceramics Park included an opportunity to see a demonstration with the use of a kick wheel in the pottery workshop at the Earth Passage. 471 more words