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Wheel Work

Wheel throwing final from Fall semester, Coffee set. I was inpired by mid century pyrex for the color and the forms.



Clay at Leeds College of Art ( week 3 ) & textiles at home

Actually the handbuilt piece I am working on is in a fine stoneware like the above plates . It is not probably suitable for large sculptural pieces but is used for wheelwork so I should be able to alternate techniques with it instead of using the terracotta on the wheel . 273 more words


Bird Bomb

I have been making Joy Grenades so why not Bird Bombs


Gilt Head Bream

I made this as a maquette for a commission . I was trying to create a bit of form and mass to something which could be quite flat . 93 more words


We Are Explorers

It seems that many potters I come across have developed their work around one specific clay body. I’m not sure this approach is for me!! I am just so drawn to different types of clays and what can be achieved with each. 134 more words


More clay & other re-starts

I had hoped to carry on working on the wheel last night , graduating beyond ” the next stage ” to actual pots even if only cylinders . 249 more words


One Little Ceramic Pot

How cute is this little guy? Love the color.