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Wheat: the oldest cereals

Wheat, the quintessential of cereal, cultivated for about 9,000 years, was initially contivated in the fertile plains of the Euphrates, in the current Iraq. The best known species of wheat are common wheat ( 122 more words


A classic treat for sharing

If you’ve been invited to a barbecue this weekend, you’re probably thinking about what you can bring. Look no further than the original recipe for… 160 more words


The Healthiest Cereals.

When we think cereal, we may automatically think “woah, tons of sugar! Stay away!!”. But that necessarily isn’t the case. I love cereal! I could almost eat it for every meal. 184 more words


Good Morning Granola

Granola, it’s expensive isn’t it?

I do like granola though, however I don’t like the price tag, I appreciate it, given what goes into it, but don’t like it. 262 more words


Top 10 Facts You May Not Know About Your Diet

Drum roll, please …

  1. Eggs are healthy: Eggs are nature’s perfect food, providing excellent protein, as well as the gamut of nutrients and important fatty acids that contribute to the health of the brain and nervous system.
  2. 720 more words
Nourishing Our Children

That's for Babies.

A few years ago there was a cereal commercial of a mom trying to get her young daughter to do things. The commercial seemed to stick with me. 125 more words