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Meet Dragon {aka Graham's first imaginary friend...}

Dragon was Graham’s very first imaginary friend. He appeared on August 1, 2012. It was a bittersweet day for me. I actually cried in the pantry.  241 more words


Day 196: Be challenged to do the Cinnamon Challenge then see videos, decided I don't want to die and eat a Weetabix biscuit in 60 seconds!

Looooongest title.

So yeah, wasn’t sure if I made a bad first impression on my first temp job or just that my temp colleague just decided he didn’t like me but there is no way I’m doing the cinnamon challenge… like ever!

Why? Here’s why…


Recipe #1- Cold Fruit Cereal

Ok, so first things first, I gathered the ingredients. To make Cold Fruit Cereal I needed orange juice, skim milk, plain yogurt (I used honey Greek yogurt), quick-cooking oats, honey, apples, and blueberries (although “mixed fruit” was optional, I decided to use them since they were available). 141 more words


Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Honeycomb (~1989)

The late 80s / early 90s were a simpler time.  A time of enjoying breakfast cereal with your friends. A time of building rickety treehouses without worrying about zoning or structural guidelines.   77 more words

Retro Commercial

Cereal Revolution

Instead of repeatedly coming back to refill a small bowl of cereal, I’ve got an idea that will revolutionize the future of American cereal eating. It’s called a punch bowl. 13 more words

Random Thoughts

Product Review: Nature's Path Organic Gluten Free Mesa Sunrise Cereal

Product: Nature’s Path Organic Gluten Free Mesa Sunrise Cereal – $4.39+

Okay…here’s the awful truth.  The moment I pulled this box down from my pantry this morning and looked at the cover I said a silent prayer.  800 more words