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Vegan apple chips

Use them in cereal or enjoy them as they are ♥

Organic apples
THATS IT! (They get sweeter than you think)

Slice up the apples, the thinner the better… 52 more words


Butternut and/or Pumpkin Granola Recipe

Our pumpkin and squash plants did very well this year. I have been putting pumpkin and squash in everything.
Side note: I made the best butternut squash cookies the other day!  167 more words

#todaysconclusions 25/11/14

Hot lemon and honey for a sore throat is a beautiful thing.

Potters sugar free cough sweets are the worst tasting thing in the history of man. 59 more words


Homemade Breakfast Cereal

Tired of that same ‘ol box of cereal every morning? Here’s a great option using chia seeds.  Touted as being rich in omega 3 fats and high in fiber, chia seeds thicken into a creamy texture when added to liquids.   116 more words


Chex Quest - Emerging Media or "Way Way Way Ahead of its Time" Media?

Advergaming is considered to be an Emerging Media, yet in 1996, a certain cereal brand was already capitalizing on this untouched marketing channel.

In 1996, Chex was the first company to ever create a video game and place it in their cereal box as a prize. 364 more words


Cereal Killers

I hate cereal. Most mornings start with a bowl of porridge topped with blueberries. They are a superfood don’t you know?! I can’t stand the majority of cereals; they are far too sweet for my liking, especially at that time in the morning! 315 more words


Breakfast Time: Fruits, Grains, and Nuts.

Preparing breakfast shouldn’t always be difficult and time consuming. Many of us skip breakfast just because we “don’t have the time.” Now why is it always like that? 583 more words