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“Jenny, you’re going to want to take a picture of this!” yelled Scott.

That’s right, I can’t believe it either. A WHOLE box of cereal with milk in one bowl and… 13 more words


Life Hack: Faux Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite sugary pleasure. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I rarely ever eat it. At this point I buy a box or two maybe a year. 126 more words

How To

Brand Imitation - the Sincerest Form of Marketing

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We’ve all seen them on the shelves, usually down at floor level. Oatie-O’s, Fruity Hoops, Crisp Rice. Store brands trying to cash in on decades worth of marketing by the big boys.1… 370 more words


bonding over pebbles

we sort half a bag of fruity pebbles.

Oat oil preparation makes you feel fuller

Oats contain more fat than other cereals, and oat oil has a unique composition. A new study from Lund University, Härröd Research and Swedish Oat Fiber AB, shows a special oat oil preparation can produce greater satiety. 481 more words


Important PSA : This Is Not Chex Mix Cereal

In case you are as dumb as I am, who did a cartoonish double take when I saw this, I feel I should alert others – this is not Chex Mix Cereal.


Cuckoo for what?

I’m not a blogger. After several attempts, I’ve failed. I think I started 3 or 4 blogs and I quit after 3 or 4 posts. But I’m going to try my best to keep up with this one. 279 more words

Almond Flour