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Millville Marshmallows & Stars with Friendly Farms Almond Milk

As a late night snack, I stole some of my husband’s kid cereal.  It was the Millville Marshmallows & Stars.  Upon looking at the wall of children’s cereals produced by Millville, my husband began making theme songs in the aisles of Aldi and the one for this Magician themed cereal did not disappoint (I cannot remember the lyrics now).   272 more words


What’s The Cereal Killer Café Actually Like? | Londonist

What’s The Cereal Killer Café Actually Like? | Londonist.

they received a lot of publicity when a channel 4 video went viral showing the owner abruptly stopping the interview when he was asked how can he justify charging £3.20 when there are so many poor people in the area. 280 more words

Millville Kookies Cereal

Most likely, this blog will have a lot of Aldi cereal reviews.  My husband literally bought every variety of Millville cereal in the store to try them out.   212 more words



Hell yes. I love cereals. Really. I usually eat a bowl of something late afternoon and a couple of bowls most evenings, before bedtime. I prefer Weetabix, but I won’t turn down Bran Flakes or Cheerios. 493 more words

French Toast Crunch Is Back! Let's Rank Some Cereals

FTCGeneral Mills is bringing back a “crunch” iteration people have been clamoring for: French Toast Crunch — according to a company press release. 304 more words

Yea! The Return Of Cereal That's AWFUL For You!

I remember when I was a kid, I used to make my mom by EVERY breakfast cereal known to man.  I was not ever “brand” loyal. 131 more words


Introducing your baby to solid foods

It’s safer for your baby if you wait until she’s six months old to introduce her to solids.After six months, breast milk or formula milk alone doesn’t provide your baby with enough nutrients, in particular iron so other foods are needed. 221 more words