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Hypothetical Scenario #2

Imagine this: it’s the middle of the night and you and your live-in significant other are in your shabby apartment, fighting. Arguing at first, and then arguing becomes screaming and screaming becomes a physical struggle when you try to pry the half-bottle of cheap supermarket wine out of his or her hands. 1,300 more words

The Internet

My Big Fat Wedding !!!!!

Almost a month and half remains until the biggest day of my life. Indian weddings are grand and the celebration last for almost over a week. 64 more words

My Thoughts

A Question for the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court

by Joe Rumrill

First off, I’d like say what an honor it is to be speaking in front of the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court all in the same room. 743 more words


Sarah & Brenda's Wedding

Sarah & Brenda’s Wedding at The Kenilworth Club in Glenview, IL
August 30th, 2014


Sarah & Brenda had an intimate Wedding at the Kenilworth Club on August 30th, 2014 for 80 guests. 558 more words


Wedding Celebrations

There are only two wedding celebrations native to the Schavvan religion. First is the Community Acceptance Ceremony, also called the Community Blessing. The other is the Wedding Feast. 122 more words


Wedding Rituals

The only thing required for Schavvans to marry each other is a contract, though many Schavvans like to have celebrations along with it. The contract simply outlines the terms of their union and extensively discusses consent. 48 more words


Funeral Practices

Schavvan deaths are not a tragedy. The person is released into the world so that they may dance with the Wind for all eternity! To do that, certain procedures must be followed. 165 more words