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I am unsure exactly when the wish for myself as a child to meet my parents as children began. But the desire has only grown stronger as I have grown, and they have drifted apart. 382 more words

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Through Being Cool

I have this incredibly vivid memory of being eight or nine years old at my neighbor Stacy’s house with some other Bucknell Circle kids when Stacy busted out the tiny seed beads and elastic cord, and I felt this sudden rush of hope and excitement, because seed bead rings were cool and feminine and trendy, and while I couldn’t buy one because I didn’t get an allowance and because the rings at Claire’s were already too small for my oversized prepubescent fingers, I could make a whole bunch right now, I could make one for every finger, I could stack them on three at a time, and they would round out my existing meager collection of Claire’s merchandise and totally complete the hippy look I was going for back then, at eight or nine years old, when I was already painfully aware of being too tall, too fat, too pimply, and too poor, but also painfully aware of my potential coolness, like I was waiting for an invitation to access it, like it was this thing just barely out of reach but I was certain I could attain if I made very decisive, calculated moves in that direction. 1,189 more words

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something borrowed, something new

Bring something old, something borrowed, something new.

You can leave the banana beer at home.

A flower girl or two will be a definite plus… 782 more words

The Existential Terror of Route 1

Originally written for a Write Club reading.

Recently, my girlfriend Amanda and I went up to Big Sur, and I knew one way to get there was via California State Route 1, which some of you know is a highway directly on the coast, so you have this beautiful view of the Pacific but your car, for miles and inescapable miles, is directly on the edge of the continent, with just a little metal rail separating you from oblivion. 1,304 more words


Festival de Cannes poster.../ Affiche du Festival de Cannes

The Festival de Cannes published today the 2014 official poster,  and resurrects vintage glamour thanks to Marcello Mastroianni, the Italian star of Fellini’s 8½ released in 1963. 47 more words


14 Wedding Ceremonies That Will Take Your Breath Away

These stunning wedding ceremonies are anything but average!!! Whether you choose a classic all-white palette or you decide to incorporate your color scheme into your wedding ceremony decor, these wedding ceremony ideas will inspire you to tie-the-knot with style and create a celebration … http://goo.gl/3njTjM

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