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Shamanic Society

The shaman, today a popular element of fiction and neo-mysticism, has never been, but always is with us. When listing some common terms and observing their attributes, we find ‘shamanism’ to be not all too far from our everyday experiencing and intrinsic, instinctive urges on what we seek in life: 1,291 more words

Paternoster joy

After moving over from Blogger to WordPress (Hi everyone!), I’ve also been deep in paternoster joy.

It’s true.  I can’t go to a bead store without finding something that I’ve fallen in deep lust with, and over the weekend was no exception.  104 more words


Notes Towards a Joke About the Crisis in Gaza

First things first, need to figure out which side to take. Research history of region? Yipes. Would need the patience of a Talmudic scholar to parse even the Wikipedia page for this whole thing, ironically enough. 828 more words

The Internet

Funeral mass

Don’t even remember why I needed this.  When did I have to write about a funeral?  Was I just using it for the Latin?  I DON’T EVEN KNOW. 7 more words

Messages in a Bottle

Messages in a Bottle.  Picked up by Port Orchard Newspaper and will be printed tomorrow.

Journal Entry

The Groomzilla Files #1

by Brandon James Anderson

Earlier this month I noted that I’ll be chronicling my adventures in wedding planning. For our first installment of “The Groomzilla Files,” we’ll take a look at one of those details that is sometimes seen as an afterthought with weddings, the marriage officiant. 514 more words

Brandon James Anderson

Take the One Day Life Challenge

There’s a lot of like 30 day challenges floating around the internet. Usually they are ab or food related, like do a million sit-ups in a month or stop eating dairy. 296 more words