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Baby, It's Cold Outside: An Appreciation

I’ve been called (by a guy sitting on my couch) the Leading Authority on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” This is because I have a) written about the subject for a “National Media Outlet” 285 more words


An Imagined Dialogue Between People Who Actually Bought the Cards Against Humanity "Bullshit"

On Black Friday, the company that makes Cards Against Humanity, the dark version of Apples to Apples, sold a product to 30,000 of its fans consisting only of actual… 282 more words


More "i might go to the beach:" Ex-Girlfriends and Mysterious Doppelgangers

This is just a post to let you know that Nick Jackson’s intimate, experimental podcast i might go to the beach is still proceeding beautifully. Here are two episodes we especially recommend: 55 more words

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Top 5 Books I Didn't Read This Year

Recently, for work (I work for a bookstore) I made a list of my top 5 books of the year. There were some really fucking amazing books on that list, … 501 more words


Welcoming Baby: A Rite of Passage & A Book Review

So much for weekly posts: it seems three months have passed since my last offering on here. However, major happenings have taken place, one of which is nicely complemented by a book review that shall feature herein. 977 more words


Nazis, Cancer and Other Funny Things

By Doug Chase

Hogan’s Heroes. A silly TV sitcom from the sixties. Stupid SS officers, hapless stalag commanders, sergeants who knew nothing. Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schultz. 1,559 more words


Lavender Townies

This afternoon, procrastinating on the Internet, I found a Kotaku article about the “Lavender Town” level of Pokemon Red and Green, and the urban legend that its haunting, dissonant background music inspired a rash of child suicides in Japan. 2,057 more words

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