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The Assigning of a Mars Colony

As the ship lands at the Mars Hall, we prepare for the hardest choice of our life since landing on Mars: The Choosing Ceremony. I head into the dim lighted building alongside the other colonists, nervous as the rest. 224 more words

Mundus Cerialis

August 24 is one of 3 days the mundus cerialis was opened and offerings were made to Ceres as goddess of fertility and guardian of seed corn and also as her status as warden of the afterlife. 27 more words


For the Kids

What a privilege to have been part of this day when life was not about us, but about the children. I’m not talking about my own kids, but those who live far from us in conditions very different from our own. 146 more words

Photo Shoots

(Poem) Embedded in the Turquoise Bands by Gloria Manthos

Coral snake slithers

Circling corazón sangrante;

Squeezes – to cauterize the wound. 214 more words


Belladonna: Demeter

Demeter is referred to in Pagan literature as an underworld Goddess. It’s no surprise then, that the porographic actress Michelle Anne Sinclair has been named after a plant which grows in the darkness, namely… 409 more words


Shoe Company's Sign Deemed Too Large For Ceres City Policy

CERES (CBS13) — Go small or go home. A Los Angeles-based shoe company wants to open a store in Ceres, but it’s ready to walk away. 297 more words