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Tony of Beverly Womens Synthetic Wig "CERES"

Reviews Tony of Beverly Womens Synthetic Wig “CERES” for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Tony of Beverly Womens Synthetic Wig “CERES” 87 more words

NASA technology (108)

Looking for Comets in a Sea of Stars

NASA – On a July night this summer, a 5,200-pound balloon gondola hangs from a crane and moves toward the open doors of a building at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, Md. 168 more words

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Dawn Journal: 7 Years of Interplanetary Travel

The spacecraft, Dawn, was launched from Cape Canaveral 27 September 2007, and is now on it’s way to the dwarf planet, Ceres, after having been in orbit around the asteroid Vesta for 14 months, sending back dozens of photographs and other valuable data. 31 more words


The People Have Voted: Pluto is a Planet!

When Pluto was hurled from the pantheon of planets back in 2006, it could simply have slinked away, accepting its new title of “dwarf planet… 889 more words

Dawn is back on track for Ceres

Although the CMEs that struck Earth were mostly cosmetic rather than damaging, another one may have gone Dawn’s way; the spacecraft, currently en route from Vesta to Ceres with the help of an ion drive, unexpectedly went into safe mode a week ago.   206 more words


local food by boat: the vermont sail freight project

Plucked from Civileats

Maritime museums are nostalgic places full of black and white photographs of old sails and rugged seafarers. Ornate boats hint at centuries of technological progress and suggest that craftsmanship has suffered as a result. 131 more words

Greenhorn Expeditions