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The Bad News: We lost the soccer game. The Good News?

The left winger for my Sunday soccer team is a physicist!

Introducing Matthew F, Professor of Physics.

We had a brief conversation (after our crushing 2-0 loss to Dubliner Pub FC) about Quarks, String Theory, Unified Field Theory, and why most of the things we now know about physics have been around since 1915. 157 more words

Big Bang

Zombies at CERN

Not everyone who knows me, knows that I like horror films, but I do! In fact, I’m a particular fan of zombie films. I’m such a fan, I even made a feature length one with fellow zombie-loving physicists a few years ago at CERN! 606 more words


New OPERA Tau Neutrino Event

OPERA has a new paper on the arXiv. They report finding a fourth candidate ντ event.

The tau neutrino (ντ) is probably the rarest particle in the Standard Model. 308 more words


CERN Shows Off New KiCad Module Editor

CERN, the people that run a rather large particle collider, have just announced their most recent contributions to the KiCad project. This work focused on adding new features to the module editor, which is used to create footprints for parts. 137 more words

Tool Hacks

From Test4Theory: " Server migration completed"


The migration of Test4Theory to the new vLHC@home server is completed. In case of problems, we advice to detach and re-attach to the project. 19 more words

Basic Research