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Exploring Collision data from the Large Haldrom Collider (LHC)

    by Liliana S.Giraud
    Last week we  installed  Open Source software  by CERN in our computers ( did not work with MAC laptops).

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Insider Selling Still Climbing as Markets Hit New All-Time Highs

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 at all-time highs, and the Nasdaq closing in on the high from 2000, the fact that insiders continue to take advantage of the move in the markets should come as no surprise. 446 more words


Touring the ATLAS particle experiment at CERN

At lunchtime today I was lucky enough to get a tour of the ATLAS particle experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.  A friend of mine works there and he arranged to take a few of us – and some lucky strangers who were stuck on the tour with us – to see the underground experiment.   518 more words


Mysteries of matter at the LHC

Two years ago, the Higgs Boson was discovered by the ATLAS and CMS experiments. But how precisely does it fill its role as the last missing piece in the Standard Model of particle physics? 120 more words

High Energy Physics

LHCb Discovers New Resonances

LHCb has uploaded a new preprint presenting the discovery of two new resonances. Various media reports have been breathlessly declaring this to be the discovery of two new particles which, while not technically incorrect, is quite misleading. 255 more words


First Public LHC Data Available

Earlier today, CERN released the first set of publicly available data along with some preliminary tools for visualization and analysis, all of which can be located… 152 more words