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The Creeps (Samuel Johnson #3)

The Short Version: Samuel Johnson, having not only stopped an invasion from Hell but having escaped its very environs, has a girlfriend.  It’s not going terribly well.   703 more words


Password Recommendations

Hi there,

There Excerpts have been taken from CERN home of the particle accelerators

In order to limit the risk of your password being cracked, it should be at least 8 characters long and include letters (both upper and lower case), digits and symbols. 659 more words

Movie Review! "Particle Fever"

Recently I had the pleasure of going to a viewing party at my university to watch the film “Particle Fever,” a documentary about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Switzerland. 307 more words



There’s 633 separate experiments at CERN right now and they are all called belief system control system. CERN itself is a dimension teleport system to import a belief system. 306 more words

Domination & Control

What's the Matter, Antimatter?

Matter is what makes up all the stuff we can touch. In the standard model of particle physics, all matter is made of combinations of the twelve fundamental particles of matter. 260 more words


CERN And The Rise Of The Standard Model

Curiosity is as old as humankind, and it is CERN’s raison d’être. When the Laboratory was founded, the structure of matter was a mystery. Today, we know that all visible matter in the Universe is composed of a remarkably small number of particles, whose behaviour is governed by four distinct forces. 105 more words