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Dark Matter Detected?

Cutting-edge paper by Professor George Fraser — who tragically died in March this year — and colleagues at the University of Leicester provides first potential indication of direct detection of Dark Matter — something that has been a mystery in physics for over 30 years. 517 more words


CERN: European Organization for Nuclear Research

Went 100 meters below the ground to learn about beams of protons smashing together to recreate conditions of Big Bang #Science

Study Abroad

CERN Releases part of its photo archive

As we get into the run up to our Round Table sessions with CERN I thought it would be interesting to post some of the photos from its archive. 238 more words


My Trip to Geneva - Animation

Hello, all!

We have made a short animated film about my travels to Geneva this Summer, which is now available on Youtube:

Hope, you you are going to enjoy watching the clip as much as we did making it, but in any case, do leave comments.

Far Western Physics Conference

This weekend, the University of Nevada played host to the American Physical Society, Far West Conference, it  was filled with physics of all sorts. Students (undergrads and graduates), professors and researchers, from various Universities, had the opportunity to speak on behalf of their institutions, on what projects they were part of. 496 more words


Τεχνολογια Λογισμικού - Ιδέα για εργασία

TL;DR Open Source project για την εργασία του μαθήματος: Indico

Πριν 3-4 χρόνια, όταν είχα το μάθημα του Σταμέλου “Τεχνολογία Λογισμικού“, η υποχρεωτική εργασία του μαθήματος ήταν η συμμετοχή σε ένα Open Source project.

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