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spring break

I’m off on Spring Break. There will be no school, no studio, no work and very little technology. A real and true break from everyday life. 15 more words


because I needed a laugh this morning

Are jokes funny when translated into another language? Watch this video from The Guardian and see for yourself.

This really made me laugh and it reminded me that sometimes context is everything. 10 more words


baseball practice

My son just started Little League. I’m watching his practice as I type this. The sun is bright. The grass is green green. The kids are all running and frolicking like a litter of puppies, the coach barking instructions and admonitions. 100 more words


31 things about me

Tamara LaPorte posted 31 things about herself this week…it sounded like a fun challenge so I thought I’d do it too. Drumroll please…

1. I’m a New Yorker. 538 more words


and the pretend Oscar goes to...

At Oscar time every year I think it’s a shame we don’t have award shows for everyone. Why are professional actors the only ones who get to publically celebrate their professional (and life) accomplishments? 119 more words


conquering the blank page

Now that I’m a rule-breaker-in-training I’m putting myself more often in front of a blank page. I need to practice each and every skill involved in facing that blankness and moving forward to make something. 273 more words

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