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Miracles aren't always instaneous.

This blog is my blog my feelings, so I’ll share some feelings with you.

Confusion and worry when my mother got really sick really suddenly. 85 more words

swan's flight

Getting far, I couldn’t.
disclosing the every moment.
There, it is full of color
and large portion of avoidable.
The meaning stands along…to their means. 68 more words



the proof of God is that without God, you can’t know anything” – Eric Hovind http://lybio.net/tag/eric-hovind-god/

Eric Hovind — son of Kent Hovind — who is the current leader of 

901 more words

God on the Edge of Knowing

I always thought of God as knowing everything, yet what, if instead, God is always on the edge of knowing?

What if God rides knowing on a wave, like we do?   181 more words