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Perfection and certainty

People want certainty in their lives, but certainty is unattainable because life is too fluid. People also want perfection, but that too is unattainable because life is too elastic. 216 more words

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what you seek

Forget relationships. It is not a relationship that you seek. -Osho

We say we want a relationship. We say we want the love of our lives.

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Quotes Biweekly — July 24

The need for certainty is the greatest disease the mind faces. — Robert Greene

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Hope: v. to desire a goal(s) and/or an event(s) which frequently doesn’t have a great probability of existence in the future

We frequently look forward with anticipation to an event(s) which will exist in the future and we feel there is almost certainty that it will exist or happen. 146 more words

Common Sense

Certainly Uncertain

“Self-doubt and uncertainty are ok.  Write anyway.”  

~ Brené Brown.


Why do I want to be a writer?   Why did I quit my job?  Why don’t I want to teach anymore?  

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You will probably eat, go to the bathroom, work, communicate, and drive a car almost every day. These things have a very high probability or are certain. 803 more words

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For those who have never read my blog before, I’m taking this post to write about something different than I normally do.  I usually write about what I’ve done the past couple of weeks, throw in a couple of highlights from work, and call it a day.   399 more words