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Welcome - Unwelcome

Nirvana is the removal of all notions and concepts so that reality can reveal herself fully to you.

Thich Nhat Hanh, in no death, no fear…

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The Good

Promise me never

Recently I was in conversation with a group of project managers. Ostensibly we were conversing on the hard and soft edges of projects and how these are dealt with and communicated. 328 more words

Are you holding onto uncertainty out of fear?

I think there is a difference between certainty as a form of knowing and certainty as a form of being. It is one thing to acknowledge the possibility of not achieving your goals, but it is another thing entirely to hold on to that uncertainty and act with it. 228 more words

Weight Loss

Removing the Façade of Certainty

Growing up, I was taught that doubt was an enemy. “It’s ok to ask God questions, but it’s not ok to question God,” they said. 1,204 more words

Animal Instincts

I am of the David Attenborough generation of natural history documentaries. My ‘education’ of the natural world, the idea of instincts and virtually all things seemed to be infused with some version of Darwinian evolutionary certainty. 999 more words


To Dream or Not to Dream..

Blowing away the proverbial cobwebs that have taken up residence upon the keys of my laptop, I begin a response to the faint memory now re-emerging in the forefront on my mind; to write again – not for my studies or for the benefit of an employer but for you, the reader. 337 more words

Philosophy Of Life

Missing persons

Missing persons, convienent uncertains,

Increased protections, troubling connections,

Lying detections, false resurrections,

Altering names, places, and datings,

Purposeful and fully frustrating.

Predictably programing prophecies,

Publicly placed conscience relieves, 9 more words