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Guess: v. to make a judgment and/or estimation without adequate knowledge for certainty

Guessing what you will probably do and think is easier than guessing about what your offspring or spouse will do and think. 543 more words

Common Sense

D.A.N.C.E. by Justice

Topics: there is/are, expressing doubt and certainty, clothes, creativity

Level: A1, A2, B1, B2

Activity: speaking, practising grammar, discussion about clothes

Link to the video: … 399 more words

Grammar Practice


Abigail Elbambo

Mathematics, I guess the reason why many despise it, is due to its capability to conclude that you are certainly wrong. There is no in between, no maybe’s, and no uncertainty; you either get the right answer or fail at arriving at it. 306 more words

Not Knowing

Mystery is never easy. It just is.

Some questions have no answers and nothing will change that. No matter how much research and reflection I do on mystical experience and spiritual traditions and practices, I come back to not knowing. 88 more words


Is more information always better? Why catching a ball needs less

The FIFA World Cup has just culminated with Germany triumphing over Argentina, scoring at 1:0. Mario Götze’s goal in extra time sealed the deal for Germany to bag its fourth World Cup title. 475 more words


Be certain to be patient.

It’s funny to look back on my most recent blog posts and realize so many of them were written in effort to remind myself: BE PATIENT! 738 more words


to be or not to be afraid of being


When we talk about human actions (including speech patterns) in general, it seems quite helpful to discuss using a binary system, whereby you emphasise a difference that is symmetrical (hopefully), which would allow you to illustrate your point much more forcefully and much more persuasively. 1,114 more words