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Windows Deployment Services: Moving REM Install Folder

Even though the wizard warned me about placing WDS "RemoteInstall" folder on the System Volume, I went ahead and did it anyways. How hard can it be to change location? 78 more words


Microsoft Certification: So easy a child can do it?

Microsoft solutions are among the most common enterprise technologies in circulation today, while the technology giant continues to innovate and adjust its offerings to sustain its success over a long stretch of time. 6 more words

IBM Academic Associate na ako

Siya nga pala, nakuha ko na yung first na certificate ko sa IT career ko. Tantarrararraaaannnn!


Microsoft Vouchers 100% Free

Dear All,

I got Microsoft Vouchers 100% Free for cloud computing.

If some one want please do let me know.



Adeel Imtiaz


Who Should Become a Yoga Teacher?

Lately, there has been a fuss over who has a right to become a Yoga teacher; but let’s look at some of the variables to consider if you desire to teach Yoga. 509 more words


[Infographic] Visualizing the IT cloud skills gap

Click to download the PDF.

When Microsoft® asked global market intelligence firm IDC to investigate the state of IT jobs in cloud computing, even those of us close to industry trends were surprised by the findings. 81 more words


Two most asked questions regarding Office 365 and Azure exams

Lately my reading lists has had an explosion in traffic, and definitely because of the fact that Microsoft was/is giving away free exams for Office 365 and Azure at… 353 more words

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