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Can Tag Manager be used for Demographic reporting in Mobile App Analytics?

Is it possible to to enable AdvertisingId/IDFA collection through GTM to get Demographic reporting in GA (Mobile App Analytics)?

If not, and GA SDK must be used, will events have to be sent via the Tracker to get demographic reporting, or can GTM still be used for events? 12 more words

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Die ungesunde Natur der gesunden Konkurrenz

Gesunde Konkurrenz, was soll das sein? Was soll an Konkurrenz jemals gesund sein? Gesunde Konkurrenz gibt es nicht. Es gibt nur Konkurrenz und Menschen, die über Euphemismen versuchen ihr fragwürdiges und gnadenloses Treiben in Zuckerwatte gehüllt besser der Öffentlichkeit verkaufen zu können, besser vor ihr rechtfertigen und gegen jedwede Kritik abschirmen zu können. 679 more words

Banana Cake

Finalmente a receita foi revelada!


Introducing Cesar!

Pictures of Cesar, my 10 year old (??he’s adopted so his real age will forever remain a mystery to me and my family) golden retriver. Part pig part dog, young at heart but finds the time to act like an ancient dog when he wants to 😒 Has an obsession with his ball…or whatever he thinks is a fetch toy. 17 more words


CESAR: Solar-powered air conditioning

A new cooling system based on “absorption cooling” has been developed under the name of CESAR. 19 more words


César’s Life Quote

César taught me everything I need to know. 94 more words


California Mega Herf Crawl at Hollywood Smoke 2014

California Mega Herf Crawl at Hollywood Smoke the 1st stop on the crawl. Hollywood Smoke first opened in 1996. In 1998, Hollywood Smoke transformed into an even more popular destination for cigar lovers to socialize and enjoy their favorite cigars. 67 more words

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