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 The rough texture of oil painting with knife.

 The rough but warm lick from Cesar’s tongue and the rough texture of the brick floor.

 The smooth as silk skin of the baby and the soft loving touch of mother’s love. 18 more words

"Les Garçons et Guillaume, à desk!" - César du Meilleur Leading Film 2014

“Les Garçons et Guillaume, à desk!”, de Guillaume Gallienne, est primé César du Meilleur Leading Film lors de la 39ème Cérémonie des César en 2014. Les autr… 13 more words


Planeta dos Macacos - O Confronto


Dez anos após a conquista da liberdade, César (Andy Serkis) e os demais macacos vivem em paz na floresta próxima a San Francisco. Lá eles desenvolveram uma comunidade própria, baseada no apoio mútuo, enquanto os humanos enfrentam uma das maiores epidemias de todos os tempos, causada por um vírus criado em laboratório. 148 more words

Cesar Biojo

Even though my first art post should probably be about one of my favorite artists, I think I’ll save them for later.
For now, here’s Cesar Biojo – an amazing Colombian artist whose work is both inspiring and beautiful. 241 more words


Sorry it's been so long....Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie review

Oh my goodness, so sorry it’s been a while I have been crazy busy at work and then just spent this week in Rome! But I am back and realised I never revealed what the secrecy screening was… 191 more words