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Stay home as long as possible during early labor!

Stay home as long as possible during early labor! (If having a hospital or birthing center birth)

We have all seen the movies where a pregnant woman’s water breaks, her partner rushes her to the hospital (or barely makes it in time to see his/ her baby born) and the baby is born soon after being taken to her hospital room. 804 more words

The Bacteria in your Gut are essential to your health Part I

Our human body consists of about 100 trillion cells but we carry about 1000 trillion bacteria in our intestines, that represents 10 times the amount of our own cells. 2,151 more words


Cesarean Birth: How to have a Gentle Cesarean

Finding out that your baby may have to be born by Cesarean section can be devastating. You may have been preparing for natural childbirth and planning to give birth at home, or you may have decided to have your baby at the hospital but had created a birth plan for natural childbirth; either way, learning that your baby will have to be delivered by Cesarean section may bring up sadness and disappointment. 734 more words

Cesarean Birth


C-Shaming. Cause everything’s -shaming nowadays, isn’t it? Slut-shaming. Fat-shaming. We’re in a culture where somehow we feel not only the right but the obligation to tell other people how to live their lives, and exactly what we perceive all their flaws to be. 1,831 more words


Our birth story :)

I have been wanting to post about the most amazing day of my life, but I’ve been a little preoccupied for most of this week :D… 1,361 more words

Previa, Accreta, and My Continuing Complicated Uterus

I am going to try to make this brief, both because I don’t have a ton of information and also because I don’t have a ton of time. 494 more words


Cesarean Awareness: A Doula's Humble Reflection

by Erin Stertz-Follett, CLD, LCCE, HBCE

My journey into birth began 10 years ago after the birth of my first nephew, Micah. I wouldn’t fully embrace birth as my calling until many years later, after the birth of my own two girls and the ‘birth’ of the passion inside me to bring services of meaning to pregnant women and their families. 904 more words