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Breathe in life

Many of you know that I have come to understand that having a c-section did not make me a birthing failure. In fact, I believe that… 169 more words

5 days of Memories and baby blues!

After staying in hospital for 5 days especially with a new baby I experienced various emotions! Because of the cesarean and complications Max had to remain in the nursery under supervision for the first 4 days I found it hard to be in my room listening to mothers and their babies while I could only see my little one every two to three hours, sometimes I felt like a failure when I couldn’t breastfeed without a nipple sheild because of milk engorgement but all in all im pushing through and focusing on the positive that ive got a precious little miracle with many memories of watching him smile, bathing him for the first time and trying to wake myself to reality that really he is my baby the baby who I wrote letters to all of these months, felt kick or hiccup the little one who I watched growing or being lifted from my stomach I cannot wait for the coming years as he grows into the man my son is destined to be. ♥♥♥

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"Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)"

Soo here i am laying with my precious little Maxwell Austin Ethan (born at 10:29pm on the 09/12/14) in my arms after yummy nom noms !… … 302 more words

Research, Change, and the Fallacy of VBAC Bans

It is often noted that change takes time, specifically that it takes about 17 years for research findings to be consistently adopted as practice.  We see that issue frequently in obstetrics, where it often takes longer.   1,409 more words

Woman As Human

A Birth Story

Throughout my most recent pregnancy, my biggest fear was going into labour when hubby was at work. He works from 2pm until midnight, and I know the majority of women that spontaneously go into labour do so during the hours of darkness. 2,295 more words

Rainbow Baby

Rosie's entrance into the world

I had the rare opportunity to witness first hand a delivery by C-Section. Seeing a baby literally being pulled from a mothers’ tummy is something I will never forget. 64 more words

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