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The post in which we wonder "Why doula?"

Dearest Reader,

Today I no longer have to wonder how many minutes it takes to soft boil an egg, or ruminate on the history behind phrases such as “final nail in the coffin”. 345 more words


The Maternal-Assisted Caesarean: a cut above... or a missed point?

If you follow ‘birth interest’ pages in social media, you could be forgiven for thinking that there is a sudden epidemic of ‘Maternal-Assisted Caesareans’ (MACs) in Australia. 2,067 more words


Mother Assisted Cesarean

When I first saw the pictures of the mothers who had MACs (Mother Assisted Births) this week, I knew it was going to be said- that any kind of gentling of a cesarean is only going to… 525 more words


missmummyuk - Emily

This is me, Emily. (and Oscar, and Adam.) I’m nineteen, happy mother to Oscar (and unborn baby kicks-a-lot) and cuddle-buddy to Dusty, my cat. We live in England (North Kent). 104 more words


My Labour and Delivery Story: Part 2

Find My Labour and Delivery Story: Part 1 here.

By the time I was told I needed to have a c-section, the epidural had completely worn off and I was in full force active labour  again. 606 more words


Cesarean births in India are skyrocketing—and there is reason to be very worried

Too many women in India are having cesarean sections—and it’s everybody’s fault.

At least that’s the conclusion that some obstetricians are coming to when they look at the rising number of cesarean, or surgical births: That doctors, patients and policymakers are all responsible for a steep increase in unnecessary, … 1,154 more words

Real, Raw, Beautiful Cesarean Birth

A post came across my Facebook recently with a trigger warning. The link was to photos of babies taken within the first twenty seconds of life.  506 more words