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Cesarean Section Awareness Month

The month of April is C-Section awareness month and I have been researching my head off about C-Sections. I will not provide statistics today being that I will lose self-control and post 2 million links, diagrams, and photos. 465 more words

Delivery Procedures

Shayne's Birth Story

It occurred to me while I was contemplating what to make my first “official” blog post about, that I have never written typed out Shayne’s birth story. 3,246 more words

Birth Story

Time Traveling: Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood...Here Comes Roo! (Pt. I)

My littlest sunshine, Roo, you’ve been full of wonderful surprises and so much is yet to come! Know that your’s is a TWO Part story, because of special circumstances. 1,493 more words


The Twins are Here!

Oh man…

The last few days have gone by in more of a flurry than I could ever have predicted. Sure, people give out with the… 843 more words

The best day of my life

December 3rd 2013 I woke up… even though I was not able to eat for 8-12 hours before my scheduled c-section the excitement of knowing I would meet the little man who had been kicking and pushing from the inside of me for months took over the feeling of starvation. 468 more words

Baby Talk

Pregnancy from HELL

I first found out I was pregnant around April 15th. I remember constantly feeling nauseas and every smell, sight and even sound of food would send me running outside to throw up. 373 more words