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C-section farts!

When you stop to think about it, the process of getting a baby out of your body is amazing. There’s the old-fashioned “natural” method which, in terms of physics, is about like Andre the Giant pulling on a turtleneck sweater. 873 more words


changing plans

In my last post I talked about little man being breech and how I was taking measures to change this. Now, as I approach 38 weeks, the likelihood of him turning around as space gets more and more cramped is getting pretty slim. 449 more words


9 week pregnancy, With breech Cesarean. Alexanders pregnancy and birth story.

So in 2011 I fell pregnant with Alexander. When I fell pregnant me and Scott weren’t in a relationship. There is a whole another story that goes along with the time of me falling pregnant with Alex. 1,115 more words


Cesarean mothers are BRAVE

My wonderful wife, K, sent this to me today. And it made me feel better. As a mom who never wanted a c-section, but now will never give birth vaginally, it was nice to hear this.

The greedy doctor, the village midwife and the nurse

October 2011

There are many curious things for a Westerner in Indian culture, and pregnancy is not an exception. For instance, a pregnant woman shall not visit a temple after the 6th month of pregnancy. 902 more words


Jaxon Wyatt Barker: a birth story and cesarean section experience

Sitting down to write this post, I initially gave myself an hour and the topic of gluten-free dairy-free… However, running to get a tissue three times to stop a monstrous sneeze from covering everything in front of me with snot, changing a sick little princess with a blowout diaper (like, four days of not pooing all in one tiny diaper) and having my chest covered in spit up, snot and who knows what other fluids post-nursing makes me not want to write about food. 2,113 more words

Two Under Two