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Own your c-section birth story

Now that I’ve entered the club of motherhood, I’ve noticed a lot of women feeling judged (by others and themselves) because they birthed their baby via c-section. 296 more words

Wet and Wondering

Pink tile from the seventies and the rush of fog over my face. The only time I am really alone with my body, naked in the shower. 168 more words

Preventing Cesareans (and understanding the cause of our astonishing c-s rate!)

So, I wish I wrote this about the cesarean rate. And I wish I made all the great graphics to go with it. But, even though I didn’t write it myself, I’m in love with this piece. 62 more words


My journey into motherhood!!

Ok, here we go! My first blog!

Guess I should start with but about me & my journey to motherhood!! I’m very proud lucky mummy to 2 babies! 378 more words

Attachment Parenting

Mommadise Problem #804

There. Are. No. Words.

Ok maybe a few.

Nothing is as wonderful as glancing down to see this wonderful spot on your udders… I mean, boobs. 185 more words

Mom Blog

VBAC in Florida? Nice Try Mama.

My husband was accepted into a medical school in South Florida, roughly 1500 miles away from family and our hometown of Milwaukee, WI this past summer. 856 more words

26W5D - That's Not Exactly Comforting.

I’m not the gestational parent. I’ve never been pregnant. I have no idea what it’s like to carry another human being (or two) inside myself for forty weeks. 923 more words

Baby Three