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34 Weeks or Goodbye, Previa.

Thirty four weeks, courtesy of The Queen.

Today is thirty four weeks. This morning, The Queen was still pregnant, so we already considered this a victory. 968 more words


Aren't Doulas Just for Natural Birth?

Every doula I know smacks her palm to her forehead whenever she hears or reads some version of the headline above.

But guess what?  We hear it a lot… so our foreheads are pretty sore. 844 more words


The Birth Scale Part II

This is a continuation on a piece I published the other day about “A Birth Story” blogpost I read in Longreads. If you’d like to read part 1, it’s right… 2,008 more words



The silvery orb was just past full as I stared at it at 3:38 am, finally allowing the moon roof to fulfill its destiny.

I sat in the backseat of the car and rubbed my young sister-in-law’s shoulders as another contraction hit and began talking about the clear, frosted sky. 1,395 more words

Trends in Low-risk Cesarean Delivery in the United States, 1990–2013

A new NCHS report explores trends in low-risk cesarean delivery at a national level, with particular focus on changes from 2009 through 2013. Trends are examined by state of residence, gestational age, age of mother, and race and Hispanic origin of mother. 121 more words


My [not so planned] Delivery

I was pretty hell bent on working right up to delivery but that quickly changed;    around 33 weeks my OB GYNO suggested that I go on stress leave as the baby seemed to be not growing as well, he was fine just seemed stagnate. 1,950 more words