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Whales, dolphins and a shark in Iceland

One of the highlights of my trip was the whale-watching tour I did with Láki Tours. I’m really fascinated with marine mammals in general but also orcas specifically and in the future I would love to photograph these amazing animals a lot more. 56 more words


Wonder #1 - Strange Family Trees: Whales

Greetings readers! A hearty welcome to Madame BeeDee’s Paleontological Wonders! Here, in our very first venture into the wonders of the fossil record, we will be exploring one of the stranger branches on the tree of life. 523 more words


Ferry Runs Aground In Lynn Harbor

BOSTON (CBS) – A ferry that ran aground in Lynn Harbor Wednesday night is the same boat that left 157 people stranded overnight on a whale watching tour in July. 326 more words


Scientist studies how ancestors of today's mammals responded to climate change

August 25th, 2014. About 10 million years into the current Cenozoic Era, or roughly 56 million years ago, during a climate that was hot and wet, two groups of mammals moved from land to water. 1,002 more words

Endangered Biodiversity