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W Cape dolphins related - study

By: Miranda Raaf

Cape Town – Heaviside dolphins along the southern West Coast of Africa are all related and belong to one of two major populations, a genetic study has found. 631 more words


Push to give the public a vote on the Vancouver Aquarium's whales going to city council

Within two weeks, Vancouver city council will have to decide whether it is going to give the public a vote on whale and dolphin captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium. 554 more words


Photos: Whales Breach During Ocean Vet Outing

One of Bernews photographers had the opportunity to tag along with the Ocean Vet team of Dr. Neil Burnie and Choy Aming, getting the chance to see a variety of ocean life in action as the cameras rolled for the production of the 12-part television series. 386 more words


Orca scare test for sharks

By: Angela Pownall

Armed with the longest audio of killer whales recorded in Australian waters, WA researchers hope to test the long-held theory that orcas’ calls deter great white sharks. 213 more words


Japanese whaling group intends to resume its hunts

Captured short-finned pilot whales are seen on the deck of a whaling ship at Taiji Port in Japan’s oldest whaling village of Taiji, 420 km (260 miles) southwest of Tokyo in this June 4, 2008 file photo. 602 more words


Norway makes no changes to whale quota

By: Malcolm

Norway has kept its whale quota at 1,286 whales for 2014, despite the catch in previous years being well below that number.

Norway refused to comply with a commercial whaling moratorium in 1986 and does not view itself as subject to it. 266 more words


Rare whale fossil sets jawbones wagging at Museum Victoria

Mystery of the deep: Palaeontologist Erich Fitzgerald with the fossilised whale skull. Photo: Penny Stephens

By: Bridie Smith

A rare fossilised whale skull found by chance deep in the remote waters of the Southern Ocean has been donated to Museum Victoria. 337 more words