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Noise to Note! #57


We all go through all sorts of twists and turns.

I have a back up of half-written works. Most are churned out and then I read them: 36 more words


CEU Summer School on Applied Philosophy 2014

Where else would one go to learn the sound a male gorilla sounds during orgasm, how Norwegian flesh would taste like and whether we can sell it by the kilo, or to measure the value of a life of a tragically family-deprived newborn— and whether we can cannibalize the organs of said orphan to save the lives of five other children? 851 more words

Special Topics

Céu at Future Programming Workshop (StrangeLoop and SPLASH)

I’ll present the last advances in Céu at the Future Programming Workshop in two events:

I’m specially excited about the StrangeLoop event, as it will be the first non-academic demonstration of the language in a prestigious conference. 69 more words


Plasti-Fab Launches Online Continuing Education for EPS Thermal Insulation

Distance learning is a useful and convenient method for professionals to gain knowledge and earn continuing education credits. Considered to be a viable alternative to traditional, classroom style education, online learning is a practical and affordable way for procuring ongoing, state-of-the-art, and up-to-date continuing education. 215 more words


Playing the guitar opens doors

I started blogging about a little over a year ago with the intention of providing free continuing education (CE) to therapists, counselors, and social workers. And, while very few have actually taken up my offer of free CE, my blog will still be a resource for CE credits. 268 more words


Ordinary World

E essas são as fotos dessa semana! Quem quiser ver mais, pode conferir meu flickr aqui ou meu instagram.


Estudiantes de Arquitectura: Este verano no olvidéis la cámara

TC Cuadernos y CEU UCH organizan la primera edición del Concurso de Fotografía  de Arquitectura dirigido a estudiantes de Arquitectura de España y Portugal.