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Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay | WIRED

These guys were charged with violating the CFAA because they figured out that, by pressing certain buttons, in certain order on a video poker machine, a bug in the system would cause it to make big payouts. 437 more words


Cybersecurity Awareness: Corporate Hackbacks...Worst Idea Ever

Yet again on October 10 (see also earlier articles here and here) the Washington Post ran a major article on the topic of Corporate hackbacks, also known as active defense. 419 more words


FBI questions the security researcher who discovered Yahoo's Shellshock problem

The security researcher who discovered that Yahoo’s servers had been compromised by the Shellshock bug received a visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday because the agency wanted to discuss the methods by which he reached his conclusions, … 482 more words


No, the CFAA Does Not Require Taking Actions to Prevent the Hacking of Others

For all of the things the CFAA may (or may not) require, it does not require taking actions to prevent the hacking of others. We are not (yet) the guardians of the hacking universe! 307 more words

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

Uncle Sam doesn't have a clue on data privacy, cyber crime laws, and neither do we!

The point of the article that is the source of the quote below is exactly right: there is no consistency, cohesiveness, or harmony with the cyber crime and data privacy laws. 441 more words

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

The Home Depot reportedly ignored warnings from its own cybersecurity team

56 million credit cards were compromised in a recent hack on The Home Depot. Now, The New York Times is reporting that the company dismissed and largely ignored concerns put forth by security researchers as far back as 2008. 113 more words

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