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Giovanna Iorio, Questo mio ventre è una ferita/This Womb of Mine is a Wound



Hai rubato l’azzurro ai miei occhi:

quelli che ti guardano sono buchi neri.

You stole the blue from my eyes:

now black holes watch you. 895 more words


My God, Do I Hate Sean Hannitty

Have you ever had to ride in a car with an angry alcoholic who is driving?

It’s one of the most unpleasant situations in the world. 867 more words

Zombie World Order

Advocate General Sharpston: Charter Constrains “Verifying” Asylum Claimants’ Sexual Orientation

In her recent Opinion in Joined Cases C-148/13, C149/13 and C-150/13, A, B and C, AG Sharpston agreed with the view that “an individual’s sexual orientation is a complex matter, entwined inseparably with his identity, that falls within the private sphere of his life.” She observed that homosexuality is not considered a medical or psychological condition in the European Union (EU) and no medical test exists to determine sexual orientation. 1,915 more words

Article 8

Arden LJ on CSIC and Permanent Residence

Ahmad v Secretary of State for the Home Department EWCA Civ 988 (16 July 2014)

Should the spouse of an economically inactive EEA citizen, i.e. a national of one of the member states of the EU or of one of the countries in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), be entitled to permanent residence without the citizen holding Comprehensive Sickness Insurance Cover (“CSIC”)? 2,089 more words

Case Law

Congress May Eliminate Print Federal Register & CFR

Congress is considering eliminating the statutory requirement to print the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and to produce their indexes. The Federal Register… 210 more words

Federal Legislation


I can put words on paper but I can’t make you read. The mere mention of a phrase is enough to make people’s brains slam shut and their eyes roll back into their skulls. 4,484 more words

Jim Marrs: Rule By Secrecy (Full Seminar)

Jim Marrs: Rule By Secrecy (Full Seminar)

(Live in 2003 at the International UFO Congress)

Jim Marrs, best-selling author of “Rule by Secrecy” informs us of the Hidden History and conspiracies that myriad organizations beginning in ancient Sumer and Egypt, to the Knights Templar, and advancing all the way up to modern organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The United Nations, the Skull and Bones Society, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Federal Reserve, Bilderbergers, The Round Table Group and other elite organizations. 45 more words