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Star Trek Federation Civil War part 120

Got more detail on the warp engine.

The RCS system is in and ready to go. I’m also thinking that box on the bottom will be the shuttle bay.


The Expendables 3.

Despite harking back to the action films of the eighties, The Expendables is disappointingly only a 12A and while extra lashings of blood and guts would not necessarily improve the third outing for Sly and his team it does stop Stallone and his assemblage from really letting loose. 339 more words


Croissants and Squirrels

In the beginning, the Food God (a talking cookie) created the hummus heavens and the eclair earth. And Food God said, “Let there be a buttery vessel that will teach Stephanie a lesson about animation!”, and there were croissants. 1,029 more words

A Cure for Our Deflated Sense of The Future

There’s a condition I’ve noted among former hard-core science-fiction fans that for want of a better word I’ll call future-deflation. The condition consists of an air of disappointment and detachment with the present that emerges on account of the fact that the future one dreamed of in one’s youth has failed to materialize. 976 more words


Making of : FORD KA

Shot by the Wade Brothers this funny advertising campaign for the Ford Ka shows a woman who paints everything around her in pink, the colour of her new car. 402 more words


"LUX AETERNA": A Cinematic Animated Short Film On Nature Of Light Directed By Cristóbal Vila (2013)

“LUX AETERNA” is a cinematic CGI-animated short film on the nature of light directed by Cristóbal Vila.

Produced and Directed by:  Cristóbal Vila

Music Composed by:  … 181 more words

Scenic Outdoor