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Addiction to stimulation

Imagine for a moment that you are at a friend’s house watching a movie.  Your friend takes out his cell phone during the movie and spends the entire time sending texts or e-mails.  274 more words


Noah... The 2014 Movie that didn't live up to people's expectations.

I  personally  did not go to see this movie(I just do not like religion-themed motion pictures) . People couldn’t  stop talking about it. There was an uproar of excitement when its trailer came out.  691 more words

Starfleet Scout, Pt. 02

It may not look like much, but I actually did quite a bit of work today. Unfortunately, I had to redo the engineering section again. Well, I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. 227 more words


Production Update 106

The final week before AnimeFargo is finally here, crunch time. This morning I dropped off my artist alley files to get printed, I am very excited to see them turn out after 2 rounds of test prints and final tweaks. 240 more words



Walt Disney Pictures has given us a most enchanting film in this entertaining blend of animation, CGI, and live action. Released in 2007, Enchanted was written by Bill Kelly and directed by Kevin Lima with an eye toward both parody and reverence toward the Disney classic animated movies.  622 more words

Movie Reviews

What's with all the CGI and re-boots?

I have been staring at my DVD collection for a while now, and I at times find it difficult to pick a film to watch, it is like scrolling through the various titles on the Netflix (name drop) queue and spending roughly half an hour deciding and weighing up the options for what to watch. 1,481 more words


Animal Magic

Today’s advertising fashion is in overkill and it’s rich seam is being mercilessly plundered by all and sundry in pursuit of the next market share point, or new customer acquisition. 492 more words