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Can She Do It?

It’s no secret I’ve been busy lately. My last blog post was from early summer. The big thing happening right now is a move. Packing up my life for the last 3.5 years and starting over in a more expensive, slightly larger place. 623 more words


CHA Revises Policy After Criticism Of “Supervouchers”

(CBS) — The Chicago Housing Authority is making changes to its voucher program after criticisms of so-called “supervouchers” that allow a handful to live in some of Chicago’s most expensive buildings. 157 more words


‘Mê tít’ bộ ảnh Follow me của bố đơn thân Việt và con gái

Cuộc sống đầy hạnh phúc của hai bố con hiển hiện qua từng khung hình đẹp như tranh khiến dân mạng ‘tan chảy’.

Trào lưu chụp ảnh “Follow me” đã không còn mới ở Việt Nam khi có tới 3 cặp đôi cũng đã từng thực hiện bộ ảnh theo phong cách này. 1,178 more words

Đời Sống

10 Great Contemporary Works that Offer a Minority Perspective

By Elizabeth DiEmanuele

One of the greatest abilities we exercise when reading is empathy. When we read great literature, we experience the thoughts and insights of someone other than ourselves. 988 more words


Want Luxury Living - Get on Welfare

The Mobility Counseling Program administered by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is a benign name for welfare on steroids. I provides vouchers or in welfare lingo “super vouchers” that ask taxpayers to pay up to $4000 per month for Section 8 recipients to live in that “deluxe apartment in the sky”. 464 more words

War On Poverty