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Tim's Kitchen - Clapham


I had a spare moment for the first time in ages this weekend so I went for a jog around the common and then popped into Tim’s Kitchen for a coffee… and a glass of wine. 306 more words

October 20, 2014: Happy Number

In addition to imaginary and odd numbers, there are also happy numbers. Really, look it up.

Chai Time!

I may have mentioned before, I am a huge hockey fan, hockey has to be my favorite sport, I LOVE my Blackhawks. Our kitty is even named after my favorite player Jonathan Toews. 795 more words

Make It

Coffee Lovers <3

An essential part of my morning consists of a little 10 minute routine that results in the perfect cappuccino, latte or iced-latte… so for those who love delicious coffee or even just fabulous foam, I’m giving you a heads up that this little collection of items (see photo above), if given a chance, will become your new best friend. 173 more words


Tasty Tufts Reveals Starbucks Secrets

I have my two drinks at Starbucks: the java chip frappuccino and a café mocha with half chocolate and half peppermint syrup. My favorite mocha isn’t listed on the menu, but I just like the combination and it is always a lovely, refreshing drink. 723 more words



Sad day. I dropped my chai latte.

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Good Times

Perfect Wednesday

Wednesday’s are my days off so naturally I try to not do anything to crazy. But today after meeting some friends for coffee at 530 in the morning I did in fact fall asleep again. 47 more words