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i'm much more classy now.

On Monday I decided that I was sick of dreading going to work so I was going to take my life back. If they wanted to go through with Whitney’s bullshit ideas then fine, that’s what we would do. 1,620 more words

Birdhouse - Clapham


SO LOUD I COULDN’T HEAR MYSELF THINK! There is buzzy and then there is just plain noisy and the Birdhouse was the latter I’m afraid. 165 more words

#SBC Guilty Pleasure

#13 Top Guilty Pleasures (better late than never)

Since there’s no number associated with these “Top Guilty Pleasures”, I thought I’d go with my top 4 – in no particular order!!! 220 more words

Another Flavourly food box has arrived!

This Monday the time has come again! After work I quickly changed from office clothes to running clothes and headed towards the post office. On the way back I was thinking what I´m gonna find inside the box. 520 more words

seventy-three days after

This one’s for Alouise!

I didn’t end up doing the 20 facts about me post on Facebook for obvious reasons (the main being I don’t share my life with people I know but I would rather reveal everything to an empty space where only few eyes wander). 548 more words

Chai Latte

You Can't Beat Real Chai

Over the years I’ve mentioned my love for Chai on and off. And continuing on from my previous post where I was in Queensland and unable to find a decent cup of chai I thought I would share how I make a cup of chai. 657 more words

Chai Latte and Flannel Now on Sale !

Good News! Our two new Nail Polishes are now available on our website!


But that’s not all! The 5 first orders for « Chai Latte » or/and « Flannel » will received a surprise too!