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Thoughts of the Danube

Bouncing off the walls, peeling paint shedding youth. A wide window is not the same as open eyes. Taken into a welcoming, while given a send-off to remember. 617 more words


Herne Bay, East Blean, Kent


\We have to sent my daughter to her hostel in Kent. I took this opportunity to visit the Canterbury, Kent. Enjoy ourselves at the Canterbury castle which the entrance is free. 207 more words


Bye-bye Budapest

It’s been a crazy first couple of days. Sitting on a train to Bratislava and reflecting, I managed to fit so much in. From walking and exploring a good majority of the city to sampling the local nightlife it’s been a fantastic couple of days. 882 more words

European Travels

Budapest is a must when visiting Central Europe. This jewel next to the Danube is awesome on summer (Sziget Festival!) and great during the winter, just be sure you have a nice jacket as it can get really cold and don’t forget to enjoy the… 37 more words

沉醉在布達佩斯‧Addicted to Budapest

第1日 – 2012年4月4日

今天8:35 am 飛機去布達佩斯,跟上次去布拉格不一樣,沒有同伴說說笑笑,竟覺有點寂寞,可能最近常常和朋友一起,自己一人有點不慣。而且有很多未知之數,對於要去的這個國家沒什麼概念,去之前也沒做很多資料搜集;要在那裡住3晚,只有2晚找到“沙發”;還有聽說東歐比較危險,自己一人怕遇到什麼事。心裡滿是不安感,然而我為何膽怯?為何失去信心?難道不信神與我同行?

5:30 pm到了沙發主人家,她正在教學生,今天整個人都處於緊張狀態,所以很累。剛在找換店兌錢,換30歐,給了50歐,拿了福林(Ft.)就走了。之後在附近逛,因為決定買3天遊客卡,所以想兌多些錢,那時才發現我忘了拿20歐!回到找換店,是剛剛那店員,因為這裡的人英文不太好,溝通起來比較難。我跟她說沒拿找回的錢,她認得我,給我那20歐!很感恩! :)

跟她喝了杯茶,聊了一會,她便要去聽音樂會。我跟她一起出去,想去漁夫堡看夜景。但去之前,要先去一間青旅訂房。誰知,那店員誤以為我今晚入住,還帶我去房間,我跟她解釋了一會,她明白了,但查了紀錄後說我要住的那晚沒房了…… 可是我明明在網上看是有的!有點無助,但也沒辦法。唯有回家上網看看。在言語不同的地方很難溝通!


回到家,上網訂了那間青旅的床位,放下了心頭大石! :)

Day 1 – 4 Apr 2012

I took 8:35 am flight to Budapest. 1,223 more words


Filming has begun

Work has begun on our film that will tell the story of the Chain Bridge and the restoration project by local film maker Andrew Gale. Initial filming of the bridge in its current state has taken place but over the next 6 months film footage will be taken of the restoration work, due to begin in September. 31 more words

Sometimes it's nice to follow - Budapest

Wandering around on your own in a new city is all well and good, but sometimes it takes a knowing guide to give you an intimate feel for the city.   517 more words