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Leibster Award: the good vs. the bad

It seems like a ridiculously long time ago that I was nominated by two lovely bloggers Nik (HERE) and Colour Me Peach ( 1,027 more words



‘WARNING! Carry on reading or you will die!’

My name is Tommy. I am seven years old and I have no eyes-‘

Stacy stopped reading the comment there. 1,392 more words

Short Story

Scraping the barrel - Chain Letter

Recently I was contemplating the postmortem implications of social media. Could a FaceBook page using timed content create the illusion of virtual life after death? Could you live on like Videodrome’s Brian O’Blivion in YouTube clips? 488 more words


2014 Blog 257: Looks Like A Chain

I am not really fond of chain letters.    Some comes friendly, but I think most of them are just in disguise.  Most promises of good luck, but if you don’t do it, it is going to be a bad luck.   91 more words


Breaking the chain

So a very kind soul sent me a Liebster award thingy. Ummmm… Ok. So I looked it up and it is pretty much a blog version of a chain letter. 607 more words


Daisy's ALS Challenge

Hello my field daises!

This day was bound to happen. A one way train to Happen. Don’t get me wrong. I know I look very grudgingly while doing the ALS challenge, but that doesn’t mean I hate it and the cause it is supporting. 474 more words

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