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Prank Launch: Days 1 & 2

So, Day 1, yesterday, was anti-climactic, but our idea was to start small.  That way, they’ll have a buildup of strange occurrences during December until they finally figure out that someone is orchestrating them. 118 more words

Prank Day

Prank Update: Preparing to Launch!

Lots of updates today… We’re sewing our “Piney Pillows.”  We have around 12 so far, and hopefully they will all be done by the time the pine stuff gets here. 280 more words

Prank Update

Major Award?? ME??

OK, maybe this isn’t a major award, but I’ve always wanted to use that phrase since I first watched A Christmas Story. 

My friend over at… 952 more words

I've been BOOed!

I was working away on my laptop this afternoon when my cat’s ears perked up. Turning my head, I saw the distinctive silhouette of my friend and neighbour, hurrying away across my front lawn and disappearing into her waiting car. 397 more words

Leibster Award: the good vs. the bad

It seems like a ridiculously long time ago that I was nominated by two lovely bloggers Nik (HERE) and Colour Me Peach ( 1,027 more words



‘WARNING! Carry on reading or you will die!’

My name is Tommy. I am seven years old and I have no eyes-‘

Stacy stopped reading the comment there. 1,392 more words