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Open Letter to Jahar: III

Dear Jahar:

I hope that you’re not very lonely or anything. I’m sure you must be, though.

If I may ask, why is it that you love Allah so much? 203 more words

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

What Kids Text About Now

So last night my phone was BLOWING UP.  I thought perhaps people were texting me a belated Happy 30.5 Birthday but that wasn’t the case.  A week and a half ago, Terry’s 10 year old niece, Hailey, sends this mass text to a group of people.   398 more words


Milgram's six degrees of separation

Stanley Milgram’s Chain Letter Experiment

Stanley Milgram got a lot of press for his experiment in which participants thought they were shocking people to death. We don’t give him credit for his other experiment – in which participants forward the ultimate chain letter. 84 more words

Behavioral Economics

Barbara Walters-esque

One of the most celebrated journalist and interviewer, Barbara Walters, retired last month. Earlier this week, I heard that she will come out of retirement (after just 3 weeks) to interview the father of the Santa Barbara killer.  1,416 more words


Open Letter to Jahar: 6/8/14


Dear Jahar:

I hope you don’t mind me calling you “Jahar” instead of “Dzhokhar”- it’s just gotten to be something that I’m used to. 291 more words

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Blog Hopping

(Image from http://www.somepets.com/ Feel free to visit and see what they’re up to.)

Last week I was asked to participate in a cool social media experiment called a Blog Hop. 599 more words

Journal/Letter Chain

Hey everybody:

     I was thinking a while ago about what I’ve written (but never sent, thankfully) Jahar. I thought of all of the things that we want/will want to say to him. 129 more words

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev