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Salute 2014 - Too Fat Lardies

Richard and Nick were running games of Chain of Command at Salute this year, using a host of scratch built terrain which Rich has been building for the past few weeks (all details can be found on the… 97 more words

Historical Gaming


Work has been insane the last couple of weeks, so I haven’t made a ton of progress on the miniature-paining treadmill, but I DID complete a squad of WW2 United States infantry. 177 more words

World War Two

Late War Germans

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally finished all my germans! Here’s some photos of all my guys – it’s 95% late war, but theres a few things in there for early war if i want to re-use the force. 89 more words


More WW2 British Support.

Been trying to finish off the last of my Crusader Miniatures WW2 British this week, only had 3 weapons teams to do.

First up a Vickers HMG team. 57 more words


Gravity and the stuff that rolls downhill

There is a well-known and equally accepted principle out there that fecal matter rolls downhill.  You’d think it has behind it years of empirical study, qualified by countless experiments in the movement of mass and the velocity that said mass can obtain when traveling towards the one who’s trying to duck it.  288 more words


A cooperation issue: Yves Morieux gives us 6 rules to be smarter in a simpler way

I had the pleasure to see Yves Morieux few years ago during a USI session led by a former client.

This recent talk hosted by a co-branded event with the BCG nails the same point regarding how companies should operate: kill bureaucracy, embrace flat organization charts and behead chain of command. 99 more words


Chain of Command, Not A Bridge To Far ;o).

Finished off the last scenario in the Chain of Command rules book tonight in the final game in the series of games me and Dave have been playing. 314 more words