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New 'Pint-sized' campaign supplement for Chain of Command

Too Fat Lardies have just released a new campaign supplement for Chain of Command.

“29, Let’s Go!” is concerned with the fighting which took place immediately after D-Day; in this particular instance the clash between the US 29th Infantry Division and the 352nd Infantry Division of the German Heer as the former advances to seize the bridge at Isigny. 186 more words

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Finding the Root

We all go through times in life when all we want to do is scream, complain, and stomp our feet. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t the best way to get results. 430 more words


CoC: Reinforcements

Time to bolster the troops!

My British forces were lacking a little in the Support Options, so Peter Pig, PSC and Wartime Miniatures to the rescue! 219 more words


Arlon May 10, 1940

Last Wednesday saw the beginning of The Williamsburg Legati’s new Chain of Command Campaign, Fall Gelb.  This campaign pits the French Dragoons of the 3e Regiment de Dragons Porte against Germans from the Infantrie Regiment Gross Deuschland at the head of Germany’s rush to the Meuse River. 654 more words

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First Chain of Command game

Maybe 36 years ago, I last played a WWII game with my Airfix and Matchbox figures on an extension of the family train board, using a typewritten rules set I’d bought at Stoker Models in Auckland. 841 more words

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Another CoC Campaign: Arras 1940

Hi Everyone,

 This time a shout out to my friend Dave over at ‘much ado about nothing‘.

He has written up an excellent looking early war campaign set in… 10 more words


CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 5

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 5
Attack and Defend (wherein we play cat and mouse):

Pulling back quickly after overstretching previously, the Sergeant Hardball decided to retire to the most defensible position available; the outskirts of Villers-Bocage itself. 2,128 more words