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A Christmas Crisis

Two things to start off in this post.

First, I am in no way not acknowledging that there are other holidays celebrated around this time of year by titling this post “A Christmas Crisis”. 604 more words

Is It Enough?

One of the many perks of being a commuter student is how often I get to listen to the radio (note that there is a hint of sarcasm that may not have come across in the text, but there was definitely an eye roll while I typed this). 399 more words

A Footballer Crisis

I couldn’t even help myself. My love for football seems to make its way into every aspect of life. And no, I don’t mean “American football”, I mean the real football, ya know like “fútbol”. 401 more words

Marder in progress

I’m about half way through the 1/72 Marder I’m buiding for Chain of Command. It’s from the Ukrainian manufacturer UM.

The Marder IIIH was less common in Europe than the Marder IIIM, which used the reworked hull with a front mounted engine, but I had the kit and it will be handy when I game other theatres of the war. 234 more words

Chain Of Command

Top Ten Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes #3

Coming in at number eight on the list is the two-part episode, Chain of Command, which is where Captain Picard is captured and tortured by the Cardassians.   570 more words


Why Chain of Command is Significant in Logistics Management?

The Problem

On September 15, 2013 shortly after receiving the paycheck, OzmaKapa Inc. procurement officer Ms. Gors tendered her resignation. Because of the one-month-before policy on resignation and nature of the job, she agreed to train whoever replaces her for the position she will soon leave. 861 more words


British tanks for Chain of Command

I finished the first batch of support for my Chain of Command British platoon the other day – a Churchill, a Sherman, two Universal carriers with Bren teams, and a Six Pounder. 1,296 more words

Chain Of Command