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A pyramid also exists in firms. Not the nutrition scale magnets in the fridge of their pantries, but the hierarchy of positions in the chain of command that steers it. 856 more words


Anger, Fear, Sadness, Self harm,

Enraged, Betrayal,Grief, Depression,

Wanting to cut, but wanting to not

People that have not been raped have no clue what  rape does to a person… 81 more words

The Patrol, Rauray 1944. A Chain of Command AAR

Last Sunday Thanos, John and myself had a great game with Chain Of Command rules by Too Fat Lardies.

The battlefield.

The background of the battle was that German and British patrols explore an area somewhere near the village of Rauray in Normandy at June 1944. 534 more words

Chain Of Command

The 175th Infantry go to La Cambe

At 0530 on D+2, LT “Bucky” Buckner of the 175th Inf Rgt, 29th Inf Div, was feeling pretty pleased with himself. Overnight, his patrols had located an undefended route to a chateau which offered a commanding view of his objective, the outskirts of the village of La Cambe, and he’d managed to infiltrate a squad along with the platoon sergeant,  SSGT Agerholm, and his Mortar Fire Controller, SGT Gray, in there. 736 more words

Chain Of Command

Christmas break, with Chain of Command

In amongst doing all that painting and building I also found time over the Christmas break to have two games of Chain of Command. I didn’t take that many photos, and those I took weren’t that wonderful, but here goes… 284 more words

Chain Of Command

(Mostly) ready for 29, Let's Go!

Making the support weapons and vehicles for my German force for Chain of Command is taking a little longer than it did for my British, because there is actual modelling involved. 550 more words

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You have no control

This is a song that has helped me today. I have realized how much I have changed this year and you have no more control over me. 77 more words