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11 Psychological Tricks Restaurants Use To Make You Spend More Money

Eating out is so common we don’t really think about the work that goes into creating a fine dining experience.

Yet behind the scenes, menu engineers and consultants put careful thought into the way you choose what foods you eat. 927 more words

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11 Worst Fast Food Restaurants in America

This post is in partnership with The Fiscal Times. The article below was originally published on The Fiscal Times.

Whether they like pizza, hamburgers, chicken or sandwiches, Americans want more than just cheap meals when they eat out at fast food restaurants. 686 more words

10 Best Fast Food Restaurants in America

There are a few surprises on the Consumer Reports’ list this year of the best fast food restaurants in America – and a few names that are not that well known nationally. 851 more words

Chain Restaurants or Local Diner/Mom & Pop?

So, your out on an adventure and it’s getting about that time… time to eat. Choices abound: Chili”s, TGIFriday’s, Carrabba’s, Outback, Cracker Barrel,  McD’s, Wendy”s, Chick-Fil-A or any of the multitudes of well-known and familiar chain restaurants. 609 more words

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182 Lazy Sunday Confessions - I Love Applebee's

I love Applebee’s.

OK, I know what you are thinking. “With all the great restaurants in NYC, why would you go to Applebee’s?”

My friend knows the bartender and he takes good care of us. 92 more words

Lazy Sunday

Bongo A-Go-Go

Happy 4th of July, ‘Murika!  What is more American than a new Mastication Monologues post about stuffing my face with delicious food that comes in gargantuan portions that would feed a family for a week?   790 more words

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Earls unveils new summer menu

Summer is here, hello warm weather and hot nights. Hello patio season!

Earls has unveiled a fresh new summer menu that includes something for everyone, like this Crispy Thai Prawns served on a bed of greens with a spicy vinaigrette full of flavours. 186 more words