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Take A Stand

Been abused with countless pills
Trying to find a “cure”
Stressed out with hospital bills –
Are their intentions pure?

Deprived of sleep, food, and social outings… 112 more words

2014 Poems

Take A Stand

Not only am I an Endometriosis warrior, I’m also a poet. I’ve been writing, mainly poems, for the past ten years now. I want to use my poetry to raise awareness for Endometriosis because this invisible disease is poorly advertised. 270 more words

Daily Thoughts

Swollen Dreams

She begs as the pain worsens. I bring the glass to her lips and tip the contents into her mouth. I tell her to drink. Her head leans back as she gulps; her eyes fixed on mine. 1,002 more words


"There you are!"

Watch :00-1:00 Hook scene

Never watched or read Peter Pan, I’d seen pieces of Stephen Spielbergs’ Hook but never the whole thing. At a friends movie night we watched Hook, because of Robin Williams death certain scenes or lines from the movie were especially poignant and quite sad. 231 more words

Seneca's wanderer

I belong to the world,

to the abandoned caves of the snow-capped Afghan mountains

the refugee camps built on what’s left behind

the children lying dry lipped, silent, downcast and forever wounded… 79 more words


Chained (2012) ★★★★★

In this movie directed by Jennifer Lynch, a young boy named Tim (initially played by Evan Bird, later played by Eamon Farren) and his mother (Julia Ormond) take a taxi cab home from the theater, but unfortunately don’t make it home. 332 more words