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Falling Forwards

Running chainsaw is all cock and balls.

Its ugly, and its sweaty … but it gets the job done.

That’s not to say it’s strictly a man’s endeavor; I have known some great female sawyers. 2,828 more words

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Song of the Week

Chainsaw by The Band Perry

I’ve become obsessed with this song! I love the lyrics, and the rhythm of the song. My favorite part is “Nothing left of us but dust and splinters, a big pile of wood to keep me warm through the winter.” If you went through a break up, this is the song for you. 9 more words

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Chainsaw Holidays

Went up to the black Isle a few weeks back to visits friends and get a bit of pr0fficiency with wielding a chainsaw. Spent two days practicing safety and cutting techniques and then had a huge pile of wood to do with as i pleased. 50 more words


Artists of the week - The Band Perry

The Band Perry won The ACM Group of the Year 2014!!!

Interesting fact: The Band Perry are brothers Reid and Neil Perry and sister Kimberly Perry! 267 more words

The little homemaker's all purpose tool

Cat stuck up in the tree, no problem, just take the whole tree out. Junior locked in his room, no problem, it makes the prefect lock pick. 23 more words

The feats and fears of chainsawing

My job requires me to run a chainsaw. Sometimes for hour upon mind-numbing hour every day, for day after day after day. This is possibly one of the most dangerous things (other than driving) that I do on a continual basis. 966 more words


What Is The Phobia Of Chainsaws Called

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