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Creepy Crawlies

I was mowing the labyrinth yesterday when I had a series of episodes that made my skin crawl. Well, crawl more than usual for a day when I was sticky with sweat from summer’s heat and humidity, working outside with chainsaws and trimmers. 589 more words

Wintervale Ranch

Finally Chipping

My plan was to get both the tractor and the ATV down the hill to the spot where I’m clearing trees to make space for a new fence that will enclose the back grazing area. 524 more words


SENRYU -- 07252014-7

my neighbor

her overgrown hedge…

20″ chainsaw!


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Forester Chainsaw Parts | Chainsaw & Trimmer Chaps

Forester offers lightweight, durable chaps and other parts and supplies designed with arborists and landscapers in mind.

Chainsaw Chaps

Zipper Style Chaps

Are you tired of broken buckles, straps getting caught on brush, making readjustments, and taking too much time to put on chaps? 283 more words


July 21st 2014: Max Bone Capacity

It’s Monday and the boys are back to rip through a few more of this week’s top headlines. Stay tuned, folks. It’s News Business Weekly! 18 more words


First Day With The New Chainsaw

Well, we bought a chainsaw.

We originally thought we might buy a used one from a friend, but our friend ended up wanting to keep it. 569 more words

Land Prep

Maintenance of a saw chain

Have you ever bothered to look into your tree saw? Do you know that this tool eats sawdust and wood? It bites wood from its small but powerful teeth. 23 more words

Gardening Equipment