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What Is The Phobia Of Chainsaws Called

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Chain saw: Some considerations about a tree saw

If you are buying a tree saw then you are buying the right equipment for your home garden. This equipment would help you maintain your outdoors in a hassle free manner. 36 more words

Smoko - shed building

Okay, so quickly while I’m having a cuppa, an update on the block:

At every given opportunity for the last couple of months, I have been stretching my mental faculties, skill levels and muscles building a new shed. 921 more words



Hi! Dear God, it’s been ages since I wrote FF, and I’m rather ashamed of myself for missing out and going off the grid like that, but when exams call, one has few options but to yield. 168 more words

Mimicry Maxima

Edit: Found this old post collecting dust in my archives so I thought I would publish it despite being written 2 years ago since I haven’t updated this website for awhile. 72 more words


California's Ancient Redwood Trees Under Attack


Published on Apr 13, 2014
California forest managers are trying to stop chainsaw-wielding poachers who are targeting ancient redwood trees in national and state parks. 16 more words