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100 Days of Happiness - Day 6

I am always asked the question what made you decide to go into nursing?

Coming from a family that has no relation to any kind of medical field, the obvious answer (My mum/dad’s a nurse/doctor) never applies to me. 422 more words


Does charity ever pay?

Since leaving University I’ve been in and out of work. I struggled to get a permanent job role, so I end up as a white collar mercenary. 1,322 more words


Love, Peace, Hope, Love - Create A Better Future

I’ve noticed in my life that most of our problems are self-made. We created our own problems by wasting precious energy on hating, bringing one another down, and worrying. 1,751 more words

Not now at all iam right in the mode for it!! Iam ready and wearing to go that’s what people say sometimes.

As they are such a lovely charity (mind) I got a card from then today which is beautiful I was so happy :)


Do Good Apps

Buzzfeed just posted a great article “25 Free Apps That Are Making The World A Better Place.”

In the article the author lists a ton of cool apps and websites that are aimed at well “making the world a better place.” Such apps include… 40 more words

Life Interrupted

I had been waiting till all three kids had finished having birthdays and thought I would do a birthday blog.  But my life was abruptly interrupted when I saw images from an organisation our not for profit… 500 more words

Take A Selfie With Louis Tomlinson From One Direction For How Much?!

How much money would you spend to take a picture with one of your favorite celebrities?! Is $425 pushing it?  Well  nothing is too much for One Direction fans! 87 more words