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Astrologer Laurie Baum's Chakra Meditation


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The hour-long Chakra Meditation above is courtesy of Laurie Baum, a psychological astrologer and psychotherapist in practice in Encinitas, California. 1,092 more words

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JESUS - Thank you for your LOVE!!

Thank you for being you, the magnificent being of pure LOVE that you are and always will be.Thank you for coming to Earth 2,000+ years ago and selflessly pouring out your love and light from your heart as the Christ in a time and space when the darkness has reached its lowest point. 803 more words

Arch Angels


Sweat dripping rapidly from my pores
I’m sick with this feeling of desire
Balled up in pain from abstinence
Love cramps making my focus blur… 253 more words


Chakra of the week- Divine Star

It govern’s your link to higher powers, it is responsible for the flow and regulation of universal rays into one’s conscious mind. It is 20cm above the head and its color is gold/magenta. 52 more words


Throat Chakra Vishuddha Chakra

Before we experience health concerns in our physical bodies, it first comes into energetic manifestation in our Etheric bodies. One way to prevent illness, emotional discomfort, mental imbalance, etc., is thru Chakra Balancing. 83 more words


lately, it’s just all about visual imagery: swirls of color and pastel palettes ~found on tumblr, a local museum, and my living room~ inspiring moi… 6 more words