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My Conscious Meeting of Arch Angel Gabriel at Mount Shasta

This posting describes my recent real encounter with the Beloved Arch Angel Gabriel / Gabrielle at Mount Shasta, California.  I met Him as a real, breathing, living human being, like you and I. 55 more words

Arch Angels

When everything changes, change everything. (Ericksonian hypnoisis)

By everything, I mean something some part of you thinks is significant. 


That a deep breath.

Exhale slowly,

Continue to read slow,

Breathing deeply, 152 more words

Guided Meditation

Is there a correlation between flower colors and endocrine glands?

I know this sounds weird and wonderful, but as I was thinking about the human body and its electromagnetic field, I remembered something else I had come across that had to do with the endocrine system and colors. 279 more words

Bioelectrical Field

Yoga and Traumatic Injury

I had the honor to work with someone today who has suffered not only traumatic physical injury, but emotional trauma due to work situation where she lost her job after 30 years of service. 332 more words


Interesting Meditation Experience

Last night, I was meditating and had an interesting experience.

I have been meditating lately listening to Marina Reye’s song ‘Liquid Silk’ and envisioning myself walking through a colorfully-lit fountain pool in the shape of the Sri-Yantra. 519 more words


El cuerpo sutil

Puesto que cada problema de salud tiene un componente físico y otro energético, incluso el tratamiento más sencillo, como poner una venda, presenta un impacto sobre el bienestar espiritual, mental y emocional del organismo. 148 more words