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Saint Germain - You are not Dependent on the Outer Things

Volume 3 – Discourse #6


  1. Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence!

  2. Creator of all that is, always majestic in Thy Conquering Presence, we give Power only to Thee.

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Arch Angels

Heart Chakra Affirmation

I accept that pain is an
essential part of my growth
and development.


What is the Colour of Self Confidence?

In my blog progression through the rainbow of colours in our lives, I should now be discussing yellow. But here is a short, although relevant, deviation from the yellow brick road (which may be the title of the next colour appropriate blog).  792 more words

Chakra Colours

Dowsing using charts...

By using charts we are opened up to many more possibilities with dowsing, and are able to gather information we may not have been able to get by using the yes/no/maybe system. 129 more words

Reiki 21 day Self healing Chakra Affirmation - Week 1

Namaste !!

As you practice self healing during the next 21 days, the following Chakra Affirmations will help you imbibe the nature of each chakra. These come from the book Practical Reiki by Richard Ellis. 413 more words

Chakra Affirmations

Saint Germain -No Good Force Ever Comes From the Astral World

Volume 3 – Discourse #5


  1. Thou Mighty Infinite Presence—Thou All-Pervading Healing Presence!

  2. Descend and do Thy Work.

  3. Thou Mighty Infinite Intelligence!

  4. Give forth Thy Confidence and Strength!

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Arch Angels

Episode 120// Ajapa Mantra Pranayama & Ambhas Mudra

Hi Beautiful Yogin,

So good to be back with a new podcast for you. This is a pranayama and meditation practice for you. We begin with the Ajapa Mantra, which means “the unwhispered mantra”, a constituent of Ujjayi Pranayam. 322 more words