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Chakras - The Surprise of Your Lifetime, Well THIS Lifetime

What in the name of Saint Germain are your chakras doing?

Are they blocked? Slow? Hot or cold? Are they tingly or sending satisfied puffs into the ether? 445 more words


Reflections on Light

Visoka va jyotismati

– Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.36

Inner stability and freedom can be found by focusing into the core of the heart, wherein lies the light of the soul. 467 more words


Vol 1 – Unveiled Mysteries – Chapter 1 - Part One

  1. Mount Shasta stood out boldly against the western sky, surrounded at its base by a growth of pine and fir trees that made it look like a jewel of diamond shining whiteness held in a filigree setting of green.

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Arch Angels

Covet: A Lovetuner

So I’ve been giving these out like candy to all my girlfriends who I feel would get it- a Lovetuner. It’s actually not surprising to them once I explain what this is. 77 more words



Location of chakras in human body.


The Crystal Series: Blue Kyanite

We are happy to announce that we have added many new Crystals and Minerals to our Treatment Space. Our hope is that they will foster spiritual growth and enhance your healing experience at… 124 more words


Vol 1 - Unveiled Mysteries - Introductory Items

  1. The “I AM” activity represents the original, permanent, and highest source of the Ascended Masters instruction on the Great Laws of Life, as first offered to the western world by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, through His accredited messengers, Mr.

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Arch Angels