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A letter to a (my) daughter

Life delivers all kinds of hurdles, tests and challenges of our faith and the “who are we” of our character. The feelings become overwhelming; the dark is really ugly and a sick feeling prevails throughout your entire body. 532 more words

Taste And See

Spread your wings

One thing that I felt is to get out more and meet new people. When I need to show confidence, then I do, but really I am not a confident person (that is about to change, I can feel it). 168 more words


Mad, Passionate, and Crazy

Ive decided that love is supposed to have challenges, otherwise whats the point? Its mad, passionate, and crazy, but that is love. Ive never really understood that till now. 22 more words

"wealthy" editing 2 (I'm a terrable writer)

My brain is melting and running from my ears. My writing is so bad. I’m terribly scared that someone will read “wealthy”, right now. I’m also equally scared that it will be locked away in my computer because I never bothered to finish writing, or editing the story. 183 more words

"Wealthy" Starting Edit One.

I now have 2 stories sitting in the “rough draft” folder. The One that I just finished I believe could be very good. The other one sitting there… I think was just me figuring out how to get a story over 1,000 words on paper. 90 more words


Confronting isnt it

Sometimes we see ourselves differently to those around us.

We think sometimes we are so perfect, really.

This is dealing with me here, yes a work in progress but I have a friend who doesn’t realise. 54 more words