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Dating. Isn't it ironic?

“Dating is so exciting!” she said, ironically. And by ironic I mean the definition which states “the use of words to express something other than, and especially, the opposite of the literal meaning” (Merriam-Webster). 623 more words


Midterms over..

Well  Paul LePage remains Governor, and Susan Collins remains seated as Senator…and I am 100% ok with that..I may not always agree with either of their policies and politics but in general I do believe they are both doing and will continue to do good things for the state of Maine and its people. 167 more words


خطاب العرش.....

خطاب العرش…..

لا تفكروا رح أنتقد الخطاب……مصنع فيلب موريس كله ما بيزبط هون 😜😜
جلالة الملك بخطابه، وأنا متأكد من إصراره على تعديل الواقع، ما عندي مشكلة فيه، والنقاط الي طرحها، نقاط مهمة أكيد ولو بشكلها العام (وهي أصلاً لازم تكون بشكلها العام في خطاب العرش!؟)…


A clueless girl jumps out of a plane

For someone who’s only been out of the country once, Sky-diving in Germany was a pretty big adventure, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Not only did I make new friends, develop the bonds I already had with current friends and have an absolute blast, I learnt a lot about myself and how I handle certain situations. 644 more words


PaperThin Productions Presents...

Paper Thin Productions

What a journey it has been!! The long awaited PaperThin film has finally been released!!

I feel privileged to be able to help produce a film raising awareness into research for leukaemia. 131 more words

At Last: Results for the Writing Competition

An advertisement was posted in all the notice board requesting students of the Technical University of Kenya to submit their abstracts.

After submission, they were trained on the skills needed for writing scientific paper and were given a chance to write their research papers and submitted for grading. 55 more words



New beginning
Totally new
Challenge of comfort
To surprise myself
Out of the blue