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Day 11: Calm The Storm

Genesis 24:52-26:15
Matthew 8:18-34
Psalm 10:1-15
Proverbs 3:7-8

In today’s new testament passage Jesus and hos disciples are on a boat when a storm blows in. 143 more words


Pipe Dream..

As a child, our neighborhood was surrounded by trees, sand pits, rolling hills and all the great outdoor type environmental aspects. We would gather for playtime here and there and the majority of the time we gathered at a favorite tree area up on the back hill overlooking  the sandpit and neighborhood houses.We would spend hours exploring and climbing the tallest trees we could find. 305 more words


Meditate, breathe, and paddle out with ease.

I love longboards. As I get better in the water, I realize that I enjoy the connection with the waves much better if I’m on a bigger board. 603 more words

Paddle Out

Day-2 of the new..

It was a cold and blustery day yesterday.. so I figured tonight would be a great night to stay in seeing as the winds were howling and the temps were dropping fairly steady.. 173 more words


Day-1 of the new..

Awoke in my usual stupor…headed straight to the magical machine that creates the life force. I was pleasantly surprised that it was already full of black gold..Deb managed to rise before me and had already prepared the Nectar of the Gods..lol. 498 more words



First off I would like to say Happy New Years to all and I am so glad 2014 is over!

-Getting married
-Getting my husband home safely and early… 341 more words


Moving forward

I will start by saying Happy New Year to you. 2014 has been a year of ups and downs. I will take a moment to highlight some. 246 more words