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Day 4: In Loving Memory

Writing 101, day four: Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

I had surrendered to my dismay. 199 more words

Daily Post

Grace2Grow on Twitter - re Grace AND Truth

Loss of certainty in some dearly held convictions proved 2be traumatizing 2me, but tho much was stripped away, Christ appears more glorious!

have we made an “idol” of certainty? 289 more words


Physzique Challenge - Week 10 of 12


Okay so to be completely honest, I’m not where I should be or want to be and I can’t say I have put in 100%. I have consistently worked out everyday (Mon-Fri) since the Challenge started with the exception of one week when I was extremely sick and I still managed to get in two workouts. 162 more words


Allow me to introduce myslef

Want to know a little about Renee Sewell? Here are 15 things that make me who I am:

  1. I have a mixture of siblings! Billy, Brittany, Brandt, Mason, Julie, Michael, Monika, and Jessie.
  2. 639 more words

One Friend, Two Friend, Red Friend, Blue Friend

We are not made to live in isolation. We need each other.

Oh sure, I know that not everyone thrives on being around people all the time. 758 more words


The Start of a Monster

There is some pretty cool news that I can share with you guys that don’t already know! My amazing gym, Movestrong has finally been accepted to be CrossFit affiliated and I now train at CrossFit Devonport! 168 more words